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  1. Core0657

    Bot wont start when i attach it

    Ive had a Similar issue when i try to attach it to alot of processes, Open a notepad, and attach it to that, for some reason its the only thing that works for me anymore
  2. Core0657

    Bot wont start when i attach it

    Could you specify in more detail what exactly is happening? are you not having the Menu load up when you attach it? Does it work when you run it non-attached? does it open up but nothing happens when you press start? what version of OS are you running? the Post you linked have you tried to Attached URL https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=35 and see if that solves your problem? since you linked the post being "same issue" as yours you have given very little information for anyone to help you with your issue
  3. Core0657

    Patch Day

    Yes its stating the obvious, So that its been marked aware it needs to be updated, in the past multiple people have spammed posts saying they cannot get the bot to work properly because people are that stupid, so think of it as an un official news update
  4. Core0657

    Patch Day

    it is Patch day, new release, new time for the Bot to be updated for the latest client version
  5. Core0657


    Bot seems to miss picking up Alot of map drops when it is clearing them, any tips on how to make it collect nothing but currency&maps would be nice
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