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  1. Whenever there is a disconnect or failed to join instance the bot can't click on log in so it sits idle....... any suggestions?
  2. leftlane70

    Inintial start up failure

    I always open a notepad once then minimize the notepad, then start bot, attach it to notepad.
  3. Is there a way to have the bot kill everything first then loot? I know it's a noob question probably. I am a noob lol
  4. Bot is now running perfectly!
  5. Maybe Alk doesn't know about this? I'm sure it's an easy fix for him, I've tried for a couple of hours to adjust the coordinates to no avail. Glad I have patience lol
  6. coderX are you having this problem?
  7. Now i'm not convinced that it's a bot problem, haven't really heard of anyone other than me and 2 other people with a problem. Can any one else help please?
  8. Same problem for me and several others, just waiting for the fix, I'm sure it will be fixed soon enough.
  9. leftlane70

    Patch Day

    I'll just wait for Alk to work on it when he gets time......
  10. leftlane70

    Patch Day

    reply to badasselite...... same problem here, pointer just moves up and down slowly, tries to pick items but goes right over them without picking up...... def coordinate problem
  11. leftlane70

    bot stopped working after yesterday.

    Takes time for them to re write the program, I'm sure it's in the works
  12. Hello all, I've got the Flicker Strike bot working great except I can't find poacher's mark in the dropdown (aura yes) Help?
  13. leftlane70


    Mine doesn't work yet, I'll wait patiently
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