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  1. ventus

    Bot not sell item

    Hi I had the same problem, I tried to sell the item manually. After that the bot doesn't stash the item/currency
  2. ventus

    Chaos Recipe

    I having the same problem here and it keep on identifying and sell all the picked 62-63 ilv rares. I was farming in act 9 Blood Aqueduct. how do I fix it?
  3. ventus

    Botting on other PC

    Thanks for the reply. But still have to be careful when transferring currency and items right because it might get both acc ban right?
  4. ventus

    Botting on other PC

    Hi I'm new on botting, have zero experience. I would like to know if I have an extra pc to run the bot other than the pc I used to play my main acc. If my botting acc happen to get ban, will GGG ban my main as well? detect my main acc somehow? also does using VPN only without using VM help with the situation? it is necessary for me to use VPN referring to my case Appreciate if I can get some advise here.
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