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  1. GreyMane

    Bot Stop

    Can do. How should I send them?
  2. GreyMane

    Bot Stop

    Re-did everything again shortly after posting this and it is working... Not sure what I did incorrectly the last time.
  3. GreyMane

    Bot Stop

    Mine isn't doing maps and errors out on other content, even after new bot downloaded and rerun.
  4. GreyMane

    Auto Clicker Scipts

    Very cool! I'll DM you!
  5. GreyMane

    Auto Clicker Scipts

    Does anyone have any auto-clicker scripts to move all inventory in a tab to guild tab or anything like it I can borrow and improve on?
  6. The Control Blocks zone is missing from Act 10 in the bot map list.
  7. GreyMane

    Instantly closes when activating

    Are you running the bot software or attaching it to anything. I always open up Notepad and attach it to that.
  8. GreyMane

    This Is a Project

    I'll PM you and you can point me to some education on how the offsets work.
  9. GreyMane

    This Is a Project

    I would certainly help with the offsets. I have a little bit of scripting knowledge and can learn fast and I'd be willing to do what I can to support the project without asking for any compensation.
  10. GreyMane

    This Is a Project

    I just wanted to first give a shout-out to all the EB Support Staff and the creators/programmers of the bot. To everyone else that donated money to get this project rolling and keep on rolling, THIS IS A PROJECT. Your money is a donation to further the project and keep the developers going with it. It is a donation for the project. You aren't purchasing anything or any guarantees. The EB staff is at will, meaning they could dump the project at any point. Even the version numbers of the bot tell you that this is a project. There isn't a full version yet. The developers are working to create that still. This may be a project indefinitely. Please know what you are donating to before you get upset that a new bot hasn't been put out yet. They are working on it, in the mean time we must be patient and donate more money if you can. It may help to speed things up a bit. More resources = more resources. I feel like this has to be said for some. Be patient and appreciate the art, science, and massive effort that goes into a project like this.
  11. GreyMane

    bot is broken

    Thanks for the update! We all appreciate what you guys are doing!
  12. GreyMane

    Trial Panel Click

    Ok, thanks! Yes, that is exactly correct. Seems like a simple fix. I wish there was a config file to use certain portals that exist in zone too. Maybe if enough of us request it as a feature add request it will make it in a feature version. Have you had much luck with turning on metamorph while running maps?
  13. GreyMane

    Trial Panel Click

    I'm having trouble with the bot entering trials in maps and dying from the traps. Is there a way to make the bot not click and go into the trials? Also, I have the bot set to not clear corrupted areas while map farming due to getting stuck in there when no portal is allowed. Sometimes the bot still goes in there. Is there any fix for that as well?
  14. GreyMane


    Not sure what you mean...
  15. GreyMane

    Pickit Stash tab selection

    As far as I know, stashing only differentiates between currency, non-currency, and maps currently. So it will dump those three general items types in the tabs you name by their number in your stash. You'll need to regularly sort through your non-currency items and put them where you want them. This would be a great feature request, however.
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