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  1. There must be a typo. It happened to me as well but it was not the bot key problem. You typed wrong account name and key. Please pay attention closely the spelling of your ID/account and key
  2. There was a typo. It was not the bot key problem. Now it is solved.
  3. There was VPN connection issues and switched location. It was working until last night. The bot says " the key provided does not exist" but when I came "Manage Purchase" to see my key, it is "active" and seems like no problem. Please tech support help this issue.
  4. peacemaker

    need summon animate guardian option

    I totally agree that Animate Guardian option should be developed/ included in our bot. It must re-summoned when the character returns hideout only. This is very important feature. Please bot developers expedite to include this feature.
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