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  1. Happyguy

    cant stop pick gem lvl 1

    In the bot GUI Pickit tab, set the gem quality to 20 % and bot will not pick up any gems unless it is 20% quality except unusual gems such as enhance, enlighten, empower.
  2. Happyguy

    hello, need help

    I tried to link here but it wouldn't let me.
  3. Happyguy

    hello, need help

    There is a guide section called " Guides" in the Home section. It has all the details you need how to set it up. Welcome to joining poe Bot community.
  4. Happyguy


    It is 2022 but I am experiencing the same issue, OMG I tried to run Map tier 8 or above using " [MapTier] >= "8" && [MapTier] <= "16" # [RunMap] == "true" " and it didn't work and bot went to Act area. I tried " [Rarity] == "Unique" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" // [Rarity] == "Rare" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" [Rarity] == "Magic" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" [Rarity] == "Normal" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" " and bot ignores all the maps in the stash and goes to Act area. I am speechless.
  5. Happyguy

    Please add a new map function

    Mirrors and Exalts CAN drop in acts and any tier map but higher tier map has MORE chance to drop those currencies. Isn't that the reason manual players only run higher tier maps and juiced maps?
  6. @alkpone Hello Alk, I noticed that there is a checkbox in the bot GUI that we can tick if we want the bot to run alternatively between lower and higher tier maps. I don't think there are any players who want their bot run in lower tier maps since good currency drops in the higher tier maps. So I think it may be good idea to remove that " alternate between high tier maps and lower tier maps" and instead, add " run higher tier maps first" function. I know there is an issue with current map running and going to Act area which people are talking about. Could you add a function to run high tier maps first when the bot scan stashes? That might remove the problem. Also, I'd like to ask you to add " Tempest shield " aura. Thank you so much
  7. Never mind. It was one upper case letter. use ID is sensitive to upper and lower cases. I didn't even remember I used upper case. It is all good. Thank you
  8. Hello, I bought the key yesterday and I was excited to use today and the key doesn't work It said " the key provided does not exist" I don't know who is in charge on those matter. Please someone contact me and fix it. Pic is attached Thanks
  9. Happyguy

    need some help to run bot on vmware

    Thank you
  10. Happyguy

    need some help to run bot on vmware

    Is free version POE Smoother still working? Are you using free version? The question goes to PoeTrippin as well
  11. Happyguy

    need some help to run bot on vmware

    So, you installed Windows 10 in you VM machines and VMware workstation. I installed Win 10 and unplayable so I reverted to Win 7. I guess my computer is not powerful enough to run it. What VMware workstation pro did you install? is it VMware workstation pro 15 or 12?
  12. Happyguy

    Happy to be here

    Life is good. God blessed us to breathe and live. Let's enjoy and have fun
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