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  1. TheBig


    Bot is working again. I guess server reset itself
  2. Hello, I think Alk should open a thread and pin to forum informing us BOT Status. Whenever there is POE update, we are not sure what we should do because sometimes game server reset itself and bot works without BOT update and other time BOT need to be updated. Right now I am not sure if Alk is working on to update bot or not. I will test the bot if it works without update.
  3. TheBig

    My bot client keep closing

    Try to fresh install the bot to see how it does. When there is odd behavior it is worth to try fresh install the bot.
  4. Hello, Anyone have same problem as I have? My bot is keep going to Menagerie and stays there for good until it logs out. Does anyone have any solution for it? I was running for blood aqueduct in ACT 9 and it happens my two other characters as well
  5. TheBig

    [RELEASE] EB Map Config Generator/Editor

    Is this still working?
  6. TheBig

    Unexpected disconnection occurred

    Solved: it was VPN. proton VPN updated their software and it was causing this problem. If someone has similar problem, you should know it is network issues.
  7. My VM machine is having issues with " unexpected disconnection occurred" frequently with this 3.11 league. Also it is lagging severely in terms of NPC response and character keep returning to previous position. Does anyone experience same thing as I do?
  8. TheBig

    Start bot freezes in VMware 12

    It sounds like VMworkstation problem , not bot. I used VMworkstation 12 before but never frozen. Try to use VMworkstation 15.
  9. TheBig


    It can be set any skill slot but Movement skill should be set on left mouse button. Set the max distance as your liking e.g 20. There is nothing complicated.
  10. You reminded the old days of Diablo 2. Yes, there was Follow bot back then.
  11. Animate Guardians have to be re-summoned whenever you start a game after a break. It is different than Spectre. Spectre doesn't need to be re-summoned until they die. I guess you didn't understand what the OP said. What he said was that the bot was summoning Animate Guardian from any place and most likely there are items on the ground and if the cursor is pointing the item on the ground, the AG will have the new item and will lose the original item. That's the reason the AG must be summoned from town or Hideout only.
  12. My bot has been going to Menegerie from time to time and stuck there. Only one bot does that. I'd like to remove whatever wrong with the setting or path and start a fresh bot. I heard I need to delete some file in Document > My Game > Path of Exile folder. I appreciate your help
  13. My bot is keep going to Menagerie and stays there all night. Is there a way to fix?
  14. I totally agree with your suggestion. There should be an option in our bot setting to raise Spectre in the area where there is no item found. let the bot search the area before raising Spectre. I lost my Kingmaker, best armor, face mask. He got all different items than I initially put on him except boots.
  15. TheBig

    Cyclone Help Needed

    Thank you. I will try that.
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