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  1. You need to have new version of VM workstation 16. That will solve the problem. Also need to use windows 10. There may be other solution but that's what worked for me.
  2. TheBig

    Bot Doesn't Leave hideout

    That is in bot's GUI, Main section I think. Go through bot GUI, there is a box you need to unclick if you ticked " allow the progression " or similar term box
  3. TheBig

    Am I seriously the only one with stashing issues?

    Increase gem quality to 20% in Bot Pickit GUI, not pickit.ipd. That will solve the continue collecting useless gems.
  4. TheBig


    Did you get the sword?
  5. TheBig


    awesome. Thank you for sharing.
  6. I did put value in Max distance and Point cursor to Corpse "yes" But still bot wouldn't use "Raise Zombie" skill. I put high priority value as well but still Bot wouldn't use it. Any idea?
  7. TheBig

    Pickit: Heist Item

    Thank you
  8. If you use VMware workstation older version, you will have this problem. There is one option you can solve the problem is upgrading your VMware Workstation to newest version which is 16. That will solve the problem. There must be other options but I don't know them, and there is someone who can help you if you pay him in Slack server. Go to Slack server link which is in the top " Welcome to community" bar.
  9. Can someone make a script for Bot to raise Animate Guardian only at Hide out? Currently bot raises AG at any battle field where there are items on the ground, so eventually AG looses all the expensive items it equipped originally. I think it is possible to do that but I am not a programmer.
  10. TheBig

    Help how to buy bot = paypal

    Use your credit card number on paypal. You don't have to go through Paypal since you already have your credit card and type in the number in the box where you are required to type in the number. Choose visa or master card you are using for Paypal.
  11. TheBig


    found the answer
  12. If you use VPN, you have to use same server which means same location. For example, if you were using Europe server you have to keep the same server otherwise bot will deactivated and will ask you to activate again. Make sure you are not changing VPN server or IP ( if you have designated IP), some are masked.
  13. TheBig


    Bot is working again. I guess server reset itself
  14. Hello, I think Alk should open a thread and pin to forum informing us BOT Status. Whenever there is POE update, we are not sure what we should do because sometimes game server reset itself and bot works without BOT update and other time BOT need to be updated. Right now I am not sure if Alk is working on to update bot or not. I will test the bot if it works without update.
  15. TheBig

    My bot client keep closing

    Try to fresh install the bot to see how it does. When there is odd behavior it is worth to try fresh install the bot.
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