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  1. TheBig


    Follow this Guide Impuls made for new people : https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/24796-how-to-exiledbot-aio-guide-2021/ Make sure you thank him when you see him
  2. TheBig

    How to setting map bot ?

    I am not sure how far you finished in terms of ready for map running. 1. You have to activate your map device after talking Kirac. 2. go to "Map" tab in bot GUI 3. In map farming settings in the middle of the GUI, check ENable map profile and Enable hideout both. 4. Start bot
  3. TheBig

    Hit Nikos Voltaxic Sulphite

    I'd love to see that feature. Please improve this bot.
  4. TheBig


    Try remove your bot from your computer and download fresh bot and authenticate again. Make sure you have correct spelling for user name and the key. The upper case and lower case matter. The authentication should be resolved. The bot no longer support leveling through acts so you need to do it manually. Go to " Manage Purchases" tab in this forum to make sure you have the correct key. If you still want to get refund, you have to wait for Alk or someone respond to you. Or go to " Join Our Slack" by clicking " Slack Server" in top section of this forum.
  5. @ Develop team, Here is the bot's last run log right after the crashed and vanished.
  6. It happens during any map but always happens when the character enter the map portal from map to go to hideout.
  7. I caught the exact moment the bot crashed. It happened when the character exited a map portal . it was Moon temple map. I am not sure it has to do with Moon temple but more likely related to exiting the map portal, I have no clue.
  8. It happens even in regular computer not just VM machine. This is NOT related to attachment program because I tested without attachment and the crash happened without attachment as well. Yes it happened without attachment as well.
  9. Bot has been crashing after running 1 -2 hours or sometimes longer. Bot just vanishes with map portal opened. And finally the evidence of bot error was caught. Please fix this issue. It is not only me but someone else also has this issue.
  10. Bot 0.85f starts fine but during the play at some point it crashes and never restart. It just disappears. All I can find is that my character is standing alone in hideout with map portal opened and one or two used.
  11. I know it is beta version so I'd like to report the problems so Alk can fix it. 1. Character doesn't move to next area because I guess it doesn't click the next area entrance. For example it doesn't move from the Ledge to Climb in act 1. 2. Gem is not leveled. It doesn't click the gems when they are ready to level. 3. Character checks map in the town then stays in the town and don't move to WP to start . 4. character goes to Stash and opens it and stuck there for good. 5. Character is firing at area where there is no monsters until mana runs out and fires again when mana regenerate and loops 6. character attacks frozen Essence statues and stays there. bot never attacked these frozen Essence thing and moved on in the past but this new version is not ignoring those Essence statues.
  12. Download fresh bot and reinstall it and it should work. Don't change VPN connection from one VPN to another. Location change in same VPN should be fine but if you change VPN you should reinstall the bot. And also make sure there is no typo.
  13. Watch stone mode to what item?
  14. TheBig

    atc runner

    Even some of act 1 -4 need manual guidance. It can be stuck at Act 2 Bandit quests and Act 4 Koam or other quest. You need to monitor it.
  15. TheBig


    This bot is good to level up. There are times that you manually pass certain areas of Acts though. It runs well in maps. It is definitely worth for your money. You will get items you want and will profit.
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