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  1. TheBig

    3.13 Map.idp

    Great work. Thank you
  2. TheBig

    3.13 Pickit

    Thank you
  3. TheBig


    This bot is good to level up. There are times that you manually pass certain areas of Acts though. It runs well in maps. It is definitely worth for your money. You will get items you want and will profit.
  4. TheBig

    Banned again

    It is conceivable that there is a spy from GGG among here. But what I am hoping is a double agent who work for GGG and also work for this Bot development. That would be super nova.
  5. TheBig

    How to try first?

    There is no one or two day trial version. You can try one month session to see if you like it or not.
  6. TheBig

    Banned again

    This is important matter in bot community. It should be shared in public. Was your bot running in maps or just in acts? Most important thing to remember is that by around this time there are not many players playing the game to begin with, so GGG staffs can monitor more closely to every game. Most people was waiting for next league or next event Mayhem, endless delve which will start today I think.
  7. TheBig

    bot wont run just hits

    You have to finish some quests manually. The bot wouldn't run completely by itself. Bot will be stuck at Bandit quests. When bot is keep clicking Act# and quest, that means it is trying to figure out which quest it needs to run and it may not run at all. So you need to finish manually until entering Vaal Ruin.
  8. TheBig

    bot wont run just hits

    If bot doesn't move you need to change left click skill to movement only "feet icon". Try if it works.
  9. TheBig

    [Guide] Craft with alteration spam to profit

    Thank you for sharing crafting information.
  10. TheBig

    How long do you guys run your bot?

    8-9 hours are pretty safe. Even 12 hours can go without problem only on weekends. There are many things GGG consider to detect bot users but accumulated hours are #1 detectable. Some players here got banned while even not running the bot because of accumulated hours; exception would be the first 1-2 weeks of new league start. That's the time you milk your bot heavily.
  11. TheBig

    Map script

    You don't need special map script to run a map. After you finish all the acts and run epilogue part and get the map machine in your hide out, and buy some map from Kirac and tick the map setting in bot GUI. It will run by itself. There are some adjustment on map setting depends on map tier and some people may have those script. But most of us the bot itself already have what we need.
  12. You need to have new version of VM workstation 16. That will solve the problem. Also need to use windows 10. There may be other solution but that's what worked for me.
  13. TheBig

    Bot Doesn't Leave hideout

    That is in bot's GUI, Main section I think. Go through bot GUI, there is a box you need to unclick if you ticked " allow the progression " or similar term box
  14. TheBig

    Am I seriously the only one with stashing issues?

    Increase gem quality to 20% in Bot Pickit GUI, not pickit.ipd. That will solve the continue collecting useless gems.
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