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  1. I'll try this.. last night he had over 20k chickens 😮
  2. RangerRick

    dont use all map

    You will need to make sure you have all your map settings perfect.. if you want it to do something outside the basics of running maps in the stash tab you have set. On that thought, make sure under the stash tabs settings you have all the tabs listed for maps that you want it to pull from, and all currency it needs in tabs listed as currency and specified in the settings.
  3. RangerRick

    Sexuation's pickit!

    Make sure you have the smart pickit opton enabled and set to profile "default", otherwise you should download the entire bot zip again, extract and put the default.ipd in the the pickit folder and overwrite yours. Or completely reinstall the bot, it's not too bad, takes maybe 10min once you get it down.
  4. I don't know what is causing the chicken sequence.. I've tried disabling it in every place, what settings are required to totally disable chicken, in the flask tab I left it stock.. It appers to only be happening 1/30 maps or so though now pics attached
  5. Ahhh ok, I get it, wow this is gonna cost more than I thought haha.. any sales or 2 for 1 deals? 😛 This makes sense as I only ran into this problem as soon as I started trying a second VM. Still having the issue with chickens though, does the bot consider leaving after a timeout a chicken? And why the account login screen and not the character selection screen?
  6. RangerRick


    This looks more outdated than the default..? It appears you've changed to keep all div cards and vendor all rares? Many of the league specific currencies are not listed in your pickit at all, is this because they don't drop anymore? I'm trying to find a section to add to the default that will pick up the Delirium stuff.
  7. This almost has to be related to copying my ExiledBot folder between VMs right? Is there a proper way to share the config for your bot between VMs and not run into license issues?
  8. Literally just happened again after what appears to be exactly 30min of runtime. And again after 5min of runtime..
  9. I keep coming back to "Starting the bot requires Eilte User" even after starting the bot in elite mode.. This has happened on both the VMs I'm running, one mapping the other just farming a zone. Secondly I've tried to disable "chicken" everywhere I can, but the bot will still chicken at times, I'm not sure why at this point, as he has portal scrolls and there is nothing set to chicken. This is really shitty because it kicks him back to the account login screen instead of the character selection screen. I've followed the instructions for setup exactly, the only installer Windows 10 needs is apparently Direct X, as the other vcredist doesn't install and says a new version is installed. I run task manager in admin mode and then launch the bot in admin mode and tie to to this process. I then manually launch the game and take care of any login issues, log into the game, and then hit start on the bot after any configuration changes. So far it has been working pretty well, these are my 2 biggest issues that I lost all night of botting to =/ if anyone has any ideas let me know. I am using: Bot Version: 0.81gPoe Version: StandaloneHideout on: YesZana in HO: No, but using other vendors fineMap Enabled: YesSelected Zone: The Dried Lake, BA, or MapsSmart Pickit: Yes Host: Windows 10 x64 3900X 32gb ram 512gb NVME 970 Evo - VMs 120gb m.2 sata - host OS VM Workstation Pro VMs: WIndows 10 x64 4 cores 6gb of ram svga 3d adapter It seems like he's going fine then boom he exits to the login screen.. if he just went to the character screen it would be as big an issue. I think the disabling of elite mode may be the entire issue, I'm not sure how to resolve though, using 1 key for multiple VMs is allowed correct? Last ~50 lines of my lastrun log:
  10. RangerRick

    Bot stuck in a loop.

    I can't help you on the first part as I have not tried mapping yet, but I have the same issue you mention in your second post, my guy will just walk up to mobs and right click them some times.. It appears enabling the kiting option and setting the range to the same as your safe range may help, I'll let you know if I find out anything further.
  11. RangerRick

    invalid vector t subscript

    UPDATE: By changing the video settings on the VM I was able to fix this, performance is still atrocious though. Second picture attached, originally I didn't have any configurations in here because I was trying not to use RAM for graphics memory(I'm running out, only 8GB on the ESXi host). I enabled "Accelerate 3D graphics", set the number of monitors to 1, and changed video memory to 2GB. Oddly enough the 3GB option isn't available.. I have 16GB more ram on order, plus 2 AMD builds incoming ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was a solution found to this? I'm having the same issue trying to launch PoE on an ESXi host install. Nothing special, just windows, vpn, and trying to launch the game I get this. I've tried blowing away the entire VM and reinstalling from scratch, I've tried reinstalling video drivers, I've tried running the PoE file check.. running out of ideas. Looking at the PoE log file it appears to be something to do with the video output/render device, which is currently "VMware SVGA 3D" as I'm using VMware Workstation Pro. 2020/03/31 06:43:04 ***** LOG FILE OPENING ***** 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1669765 1c7 [INFO Client 7008] Send patching protocol version 5 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1669890 23d [INFO Client 7008] Web root: http://patchcdn.pathofexile.com/ 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1669890 23e [INFO Client 7008] Backup Web root: http://patchcdn.pathofexile.com/ 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1669890 249 [INFO Client 7008] Requesting root contents 1 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1669953 273 [INFO Client 7008] Got file list for "" 0 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1669953 2b3 [INFO Client 7008] Requesting folder Redist 1 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670015 273 [INFO Client 7008] Got file list for "Redist" 0 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670015 2da [INFO Client 7008] Finished checking files 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670265 8a [INFO Client 7008] Enumerated adapter: Microsoft Basic Render Driver 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670281 24b [INFO Client 7008] Enumerated device for adapter: Microsoft Basic Render Driver. Selected feature level: 45312. Max feature level: 45312 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670281 142 [INFO Client 7008] Enumerated output for adapter Microsoft Basic Render Driver of \\.\DISPLAY1 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670281 8a [INFO Client 7008] Enumerated adapter: Microsoft Basic Render Driver 2020/03/31 06:43:05 1670281 24b [INFO Client 7008] Enumerated device for adapter: Microsoft Basic Render Driver. Selected feature level: 45312. Max feature level: 45312 2020/03/31 06:43:06 1671359 a24 [CRIT Client 7008] [EXCEPTION] invalid vector<T> subscript
  12. I'm a network and systems administrator with 10 years+ of experience, and have the bot working in a virtual environment on a level 70+ toon right now.. but not well. I didn't realize there was criteria for donating and getting what you offered...? I have the currency.. If your offer still stands as you posted it I'm saying I'd like to purchase it lol.
  13. Sounds good, let me know how I can make the donation for your time and effort. My witch is currently level 14
  14. Thanks for the free advice 😜 I'm using VMware because using a VM is suggested, and ideally yes I was going to multibox virtually.. it's been a pretty fun project so far
  15. How about VMware advice? I'm having a hell of a time getting any performance, barely 30fps, drops to 0 even. If PoE smoother is the solution just say so I'm stubborn and have been trying to get GPU passthrough to work on a hypervisor, meanwhile my bot dies over and over because of the frame drops on VMware Workstation Pro even with 4 9900k cores and 8gb of ram =/ I'll double what you're asking if you are confident you have my solution as well. PS; 3900X and 3950X builds start tomorrow.
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