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  1. Hi guys my bot was working fine for awhile but when i wanted to use it again it shows me that
  2. bigboi123

    Setting up from scratch

    Yeah, I got it working! a few questions though: -The bot just kills monsters around the coast with progression enabled Am i doing it right? ^ starting on a new char as I do not want my main to be banned ofc
  3. bigboi123

    Setting up from scratch

    Hey man, thanks! I've manage to get it up and started. however i have started seeing problems: - My notepad crashes after I gave it a try (Act 1 Coastal ) - Few seconds after Activation of bot. ( Clicks waypoint > Act 1 > notepad closes ) Am a total noob at this so i'm not really sure how to continue from here, any advice?
  4. bigboi123

    Setting up from scratch

    Hi i recently purchased a licence and i'm not sure how to even start. I downloaded the zip folder and extracted it. However I do not know how to continue from here. Did I download the right folder? Im really new to the botting scene in PoE and would require some help setting up the bot from scratch. Any help is fine, thanks in advance!
  5. bigboi123


    Hi! im new to this page, just want to ask a few questions - Is the bot free? - Is there a limited amount of playtime when using the bot?
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