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  1. remi1234

    cant start map

    thx dude. coordinate wrong, because when i uptade, i delete new folder "configuration" and past mine to dont have to change all thing again, but that creat some problem i see now... thx again
  2. my bot work fine in aqueduc, but he cant start map, he put map on atlas divice and misss click on side. only miss clicke juste side to the button to start the map... im on 800*600 windosed
  3. remi1234


    hi everybody. The bot can use ritual to buy some currency or items?
  4. remi1234

    Ritual League: New Pickit Items

    thx dude
  5. remi1234

    How do you proceed with quests and leveling?

    do your self quest, and if unlock progression to much quickly, you can put your bot to farm one zone with progression disable. i recommend to you to farm the first zone of ich act, like blood acqueduc, ( zone before town for ich act) to give some xp and can continu your leveling. i give you a guid, one video for one act, doing just skill point mission and main mission, no one useless mission, i do 6-8h 10act and 2 labs with that. sry for my english https://www.poelab.com/act-leveling-guides
  6. remi1234


    bot up foR me
  7. remi1234


    if the fix is on your server only, can you tell us when is up?
  8. remi1234

    .83d will not download. Shows a virus

    no problem for me, i use 2 vmw station, one with windowss deffender, and the second with avast and both work fine, no trojan or virus detected, bot work fine. try to turn off your protection, or change software protection.
  9. remi1234


    same issue
  10. ok i just find the problem. on my new windows, i dont install directX, i was thinking poe install it. so all work now, read the "readme" make help me...
  11. hello i made a new virtual machine on vmware16, and since i can't run exiled, when i run exe i need to choose which program to attach it to, and i use the same as usual, but it does not work. I also tried to choose the option to start without attachment, but nothing happens too, the window closes but no new one opens.
  12. hi. i have same problem, i try to remoove vmware 15 and install the 16, and updat vmware toolkit but same issu, poe dont work and error is same
  13. remi1234


    Mainly asked to know when it works again. because personally I am subscribed to the discussion thread of software updates, so I receive a notification. but regularly the update is only on the exiled bot server side, and I wait a long time while no publication comes. So actually having the server and software status would be in my opinion a good thing, and would probably avoid a lot of useless messages from people who complain about the bot that no longer works after updating the poe. it's just my thought
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