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  1. My bot won't upgrade maps. Can anyone take a look and let me know if anything looks awry. I've placed transmute orbs in all the tabs to test...nada. Thanks in advance.
  2. Featured

    Bot keeps talking to the wrong NPC

    I've given the bot an NPC to sell at but it keeps trying to talk to an NPC that doesn't have a sell option so it's stuck in a loop. Thoughts?
  3. Featured

    Bot just clicks in the same place

    I have the same issue. The bot attacks once and then just clicks over and over again on the monster never attacking again
  4. Featured

    Enfeeble as an Aura

    I don't see enfeeble in the auras list. Is there anything I can add to the config file to get the bot to cast the enfeeble aura?
  5. Featured

    Cyclone Help Needed

    @SupZerg - damn, ok thanks
  6. Featured

    Cyclone Help Needed

    I've tried 100 different configurations and none of them work with cyclone. The bot will initiate cyclone on the first target it sees but after it dies it just runs to the next target and stays on top of it. Nothing I change will get the bot to cyclone after that first target. Any help is appreciated
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    About Bot Guide

    Cyclone doesn't work. period. I've tried to switch every setting and the bot just runs to a mob and sometimes cyclones or just moves to it. I think we are shit out of luck
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