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  1. ongalex23

    Frequent Stuck Bot

    By any chance we can get support on this ?
  2. ongalex23

    Bot Running around abyss

    Any fixes that's working ? I tried this with the latest release(0.83f) but it's still broken
  3. I have not found a fix for any of the issues I've listed. Adding another one: Bot keeps running around the Abyss area.
  4. ongalex23

    Bot Teleports Way too Early to Sell Goods

    I have this problem as well.
  5. ongalex23

    Abyss and Vaal Side Area

    Issue still happens in today v0.83f
  6. ongalex23

    Frequent Stuck Bot

    It's been 5 days since I purchased the bot and it keeps getting stuck in a loop. 1st Issue: While running blood aqueducts, when it teles back to Town. Bot keeps clicking on Sin. 2nd Issue: While running blood aqueducts, when it sees an Abyssal Encounter. It will start it and walk around the starting point over and over and never stops. This was an issue I had before with 0.83d but it was fixed by unchecking "Active Breaches" but now this doesn't work and the issue is happening again. Ref: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/12034-bot-running-around-abyss/
  7. ongalex23


    Is the bot working for anyone right now ?
  8. ongalex23


    Yeah, the bot literally does nothing after the patch
  9. 1.) Upon checking the logs, the bot is spamming "Running state priority: 28" (I have seen a thread saying that it was fixed by removing the item filter) 2.) I tried removing the item filter but bot keeps picking up thrash item accidentally 3.) Hatred Aura keeps on being recasted (workaround is to use another Aura name for my Hatred) 4.) Bot keeps on using a TP then goes back immediately to the map and TP again in the town over and over 5.) Bot sometimes use a TP when inventory is not even 10% full
  10. ongalex23

    How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2018 Edition

    How do i become an Elite user and get the free key ?
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