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  1. monoamino

    Bot just clicks in the same place

    same but sometimes runs left and right rinse repeat
  2. and my bot goes into the map, kills 2 packs and tps out and opens new map
  3. Is there a way to use weapon swap for unique monsters? for example for clear i want to use obliteration wands and for bosses i want to use my strong weapons in the 2nd weapon slot. should be easy to implement. bot just needs to press weapon swap button when encountering a unique and swap back after using portal or something
  4. monoamino

    Buying premium stash

    will they check if the paypal accounts are the same and ban main account ? just bought a paysafecard and now i saw i have to do a account with name and verify with my passport etc...do they they check for names ? thnx
  5. monoamino


    Servus mich würde interessieren welche Strategie ihr am anfang einer League nutzt. Lasst ihr den Bot niedrige maps farmen oder zb blood aqueduct um tabulas zu verkaufen? Oder evtl sogar fields in akt 8 für die exalted karte? Wobei da der quantity malus schon stark sein dürfte. Hmmm Mein plan ist mit einem 2. Account zu botten und mit de Mainaccount selbst zu spielen , und dann über jsp die Currency des bots quasi zu waschen
  6. monoamino

    HELP - Map Settings (Maptier)

    probably because no t2 maps left so he runs campaign zone
  7. is farming story zones really worth it with the quantity penanility if youre overleveled ? which zones do you recomend currently im practicing in blood aqueducts and act 8 fields but its a huge quantity penaility if youre lvl 70+ Edit: and do you do chaos recipe unid or id?
  8. monoamino


    i have the exact opposite problem, hes constantly picking up scrolls. i set max 40 scrolls and commented it out from the pick it and checked th ebox to ignroe scrolls but it still picks it up sometimes
  9. monoamino

    Bot going into uber trials and ignoring boss rooms

    yeah but which melee build would you recomend ? i heard cyclone is not that great for botting . i saw a tornado shot bot on youtube and it looked very good it can shoot over obstacles
  10. monoamino

    Bot going into uber trials and ignoring boss rooms

    thanks for the reply. im new to botting, im just practice with it for next league. currently on a freeze pulse character. working good so far but its getting stuck on stones etc every now and then. maybe a summoner or archer would work better . also not sure which strategy to use . just farming blood aqueducts in a 9 for humility cards and chaos recipe will be profitable i guess since it gets too often stuck in maps and cant sustain it early on. maybe act 8 fields for exalted card but the IIQ penality will become a problem because eventually im overleveld
  11. My Bot always goes into uber trials and then instantly logs out and does it as a loop until no portals are left. It also doesnt go into boss rooms. Can someone help me?
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