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  1. loveAfterlove

    Let the bot runs high tier maps first

    No, I have many different type of maps so those maps that the bot can't run are removed. Also when there are lower tier maps present in the map stash the bot runs high tier maps as well in between. But most of time bot choose white maps and if those are not present in the map stash it goes to act like blood aquaduct. What you are saying is not true because maps in the stash are not all the maps the bot can't run.
  2. @alkpone Is it possible to make the bot run in high tier map first? The bot is keep running in act instead of maps even after correcting the Configuration - map.ipd to run equals or greater than tier 7 and tier 16. If you can make the bot run higher tier map first among available maps in the stash, it might solve the problem (?). I am hoping you can do something about it. One thing I noticed is that if there are very low tier maps such as tier 1 - 4, it seems like running maps.
  3. I am sure it can be added but I am not a programmer. There must be many programmers in this forum. Please write a code to get the feature available
  4. It is frustrating to see Animate Guardian keep changing items on. The original items I put on was completely gone. I am curious if it is that much hard to add a feature to cast Animate Guardian only in Town or Hideout.
  5. loveAfterlove

    need some help to run bot on vmware

    I am very curious about Hypervisor. Please share what happened and the performance.
  6. My bot is often typing password into email address section to log in and causing error and the bot can't run. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  7. loveAfterlove

    Dilirium mirror cancel

    As far as I know the bot is not doing anything, not even able to log in by itself let alone doing things like going through dilirium Mirror. How were you able to make bot work and dying by activating dilirium mirror?
  8. Even the very first In Act 1 the coast quest, my character walks few steps and stops along the side of the wall , then walks few steps again then stops again. So I took the character to the Coast way point and hoped from there it will pick it up and move forward but it was same thing. My character is just walking few steps and stops and stuck on the corner and dies. And it doesn't even resurrect any more.
  9. loveAfterlove

    Wrong act click

    It happened to me when I was in act 6 and bot was keep clicking Act 1. Then I went to Act 1 and finished Quest there, then bot corrected itself and started to work on Act 6. Try to complete Quests in Act8 to see if Bot will correct, otherwise you have to do manually a few quests.
  10. loveAfterlove

    [Guide] Skill configuration

    " Right mouse button :Earthquake/ Dual Strike etc (Any Melee skill exept Cyclone, dont use CYCLONE) : 0 min distance 15 - 20 max distance" You said " don't use Cyclone". You mean don't use Cyclone on Right mouse button? If so, where does Cyclone should go? I have Duelist Cyclone build and the character barely moves when using Cyclone. I placed the Cyclone skill all of mouse buttons (left, right and middle) because even if I set default attack at left button and Cyclone at right button the character does have same problem. It stands at one spot while spinning, it barely moves during Cyclone. Can someone share their Cyclone setup please? Thanks
  11. Yes.  Please give  me the link to set up for the very beginner.  Where is it?

    I don't even know if I need to launch the game first or bot first.  I couldn't find the very beginner's guide.


  12. loveAfterlove


    Can you tell me how to start the bot very first time? Do I need to start the game first, then start bot?
  13. loveAfterlove


    I just joined here. Please share your stories and fun.
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