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    Bans in current league?

    Nice! I assume you're using a VPN, right? I have Exit Lag, I guess that will work. I don't want my main account to get banned (i have like $100 usd in mtx). Do you run it on a Virtual Machine? and which vpn do you use? Thanks in advance...
  2. agustin211

    Bans in current league?

    Hi, i'm about to buy the one month license and i wanted to know the experience of you guys using the bot in metamorph, are you getting banned often? how many accounts have you lost, is there any way to avoid or low the risk of being banned? Any tip will be greatly appreciate it...
  3. Beware of these "trade bots", recently bought one for $15 dollars and after he received my payment, the guy blocked me on every account we've been in contact before. I don't know about this guy, but if you think it through, the real trade bots make thousands of dollar selling exalted orbs... why would they sell you the program? They don't need to. This is only my opinion. Good luck everyone.
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