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  1. poopman420

    Bot not currently patched?

    Just wanted to get back to you on this - while I had already done all of your suggestions + more - it still didn't run. However, I decided to make a new character, and for whatever reason, after everything, the bot does now work on my new character. For whatever reason, my old character does not, and will not load or work. and yes I have changed the character slot the bot picks from. For whatever unknown reason, it just refuses to run or work on my one single specific character, Along with that - metamorph still not working lmao
  2. poopman420

    Bot not currently patched?

    Interesting - as of now you are the single only person from the ~24 forum posts that can currently run and use bot. I've tested it on steam and regular client, ever since 3.9.1c the bot refuses to run or work after clicking "Start bot", and before you ask, I absolutely do have Elite Status. Roughly 3 hours I've spent testing different skills, paths, and actions checked and unchecked - I've uninstalled and reinstalled the bot as well. Still not working, so I'm sincerely interested in what is different in your case
  3. poopman420

    Bot not currently patched?

    Ever since 3.9.1 "metamorph" enabled completely dummies the bot out - makes it run in circles or in a line, and ever since 3.9.2c, the bot has completely stopped working altogether. Entire bot is shut down dead atm
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