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  1. Hi, i cant see how to config the bot with summoner. Can you share the exiled bot config?
  2. Mibu69

    Bot working?

    Hi, what is nopatch mode? it s for POE or for exiled bot? How can i see the guide? thx
  3. Hi. The bot is not working since the morning for me. All are in the same situation or i failed somehow?
  4. Mibu69

    Quel build utiliser vous avec le BOT ?

    J'en ai essayé plusieurs, les build ranges marchent moins bien, avec le tornado shot j'arrive pas a map pour le moment mais c'est peut etre la config. Si tu mets trop près tuprends trop de coup et tu ne peux pas, si tu mets trop loin le bot a du mal. Je suis en test sur le fire golem a voir. Sinon des builds tanky cac. Basé sur la force, la vitalité et l armure.
  5. Mibu69

    Bot Issue

    Still not be update?
  6. Mibu69

    Bot Issue

    I think they have done one small upgrade in the game so we need to wait the same thing with the bot
  7. Mibu69

    Pick and stash unveiled item

    Hi, i wanted to know if we have already the possibility of taking unveiled itens and stash them or it s still in process? it s gold when bot will be able to don't sell unveiled item thx for all your job.
  8. Mibu69


    Hi, there is something to do if i want bot take always delirium portal? or bot cant do it?
  9. Mibu69

    Is it bot working today?

    ok i have found. It was the Skill on "E" (i dont config him because wasnt using it) who was the problem. Config it differently and try
  10. Mibu69

    Is it bot working today?

    What do you mean? i want to make it work :D. I config the bot like i always have done. Something change?
  11. Mibu69

    Is it bot working today?

    Tried on two computors... still the same problem... and tried with minimum config to be sure.
  12. HI, today i changed for new version of bot reconfig all and bot still dont work. He walk like 1 click each 10sec and going nowhere, not attacking.
  13. Hi. can you share your config for skills please?
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