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    AHK syntax accordance

    Thank you for your suggestions! Maybe I was not clear enough, but my question and my "problem" was around incomprehension at how to set the bot up so that it understands any "legitimate" Numpad key (like Num1, Num2, Num3 etc., not Num+, Num-, Num/ which you can't set in the game) or keys like "-" or "=" (binds like + in the game) on the letters part of a keyboard. This problem is relevant because the bot does not work as I expect (or as it should) with the second skills bar. If I use, for example, QWERT for my first skills bar, and CTRL+QWERT for the second, the bot stuck and not use skills from the second bar. Because the bot uses Default keymap, almost all the letter-keys and the number-keys are in use. So the most convenient (for me) way to use skills on the second bar without CTRL+ is to bind them either Numpad keys "Num1-5" or "890-=". I hope this helped to understand what I initially want to do, and why I started it at all. Thank you for your participation, aerts1980!
  2. Litaniae

    AHK syntax accordance

    I followed just about the same steps before creating this post. The bot doesn't understand keys like "-" or "=" (next to 8, 9, 0), and I have no idea how to set any key from a Numpad keyboard because the bot has not any reaction to any Num-like keyname that I know. But thank you for your attention and your try to help. I'm not absolutely sure, but at least because the Dev Team is using an AHK library from this guy.
  3. Hello, Dev Team! I want to ask you about your logic around the keybinding and key names using AHK in your bot for pressing them. How you do that, guys? For example, AHK uses names like "LButton", "RButton", "MButton" for mouse buttons, but you named them respectively "mouse_left", "mouse_right" and "mouse_wheel". And I know you must to convert these names to AHK-readable syntax in the middle. But why? For what? Maybe I was looking bad, but I could not find any information about your key naming on this forum. In order to not to be unfounded, let's consider the following case: I need to bind any skill to the key "-" (minus, hyphen, dash) or "=" (equal) / "+" (plus), or any Numpad button. Why not the others? Just because I want exactly these ones, ok? So, what I should do? I open an AHK script, write command for key hooking, press them and view the key history. I see respectively "-", "=", Numpad1/2/3 etc. Ok, next I try to use these keys in the bot's Combat tab. But the bot not understands neither "-", nor "=", nor Numpad1/Numpad_1/Num1/Num_1/VP_1 etc. So, could you explain to me how I can to find (or discover?) any key's name I want to use in the bot which the bot could understand? P.S. Please, don't recommend me to use other simple keys like J, K, L or any numbers.
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