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  1. Vajonah

    Poe Service & Currency

    still selling?
  2. Check your virus scanners. That did it to me. Make sure the files/folders are "allowed" or an "exception" and you should be fine
  3. Vajonah

    Is Oni-Goroshi Farming Working?

    yeah this would be sweet if we could get it to work
  4. Vajonah

    Pickup Sulfite

  5. Vajonah

    Alkpone are you alive?

    @Dequality @Bobert85and @SupZerg I would love to know some settings as well. I am running a 75 res Flicker myself and can do like tier 8-10 maps easily manually but tier 2-7 are pretty hit or miss with the bot. It seems to stand a bit more than channelling Flicker as much as needed. I have ended up just running Bloody Aqueducts while I am at work for Mats, Tabulas, and chaos receipe items
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