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  1. GoldenDrops

    Bot Issues

    Yes. All of this is happening to myself also.
  2. GoldenDrops


    Bot might be down for the rest of this season. Someone might have to confirm that but I can't get it to work currently.
  3. GoldenDrops

    Pickit: Heist Item

    Great work. Next question is how do we make the bot stop stashing contracts? My inventory gets full so fast. I've tried every type of ForceSellItem and SellItem combination as possible that I can think of. Thanks.
  4. GoldenDrops

    Am I seriously the only one with stashing issues?

    Yeah that doesnt change things. I've had this bot for years like I said. First time running into this issue. I have most of it solved now but I do have a highly modded pickit file.
  5. GoldenDrops


    Ran all afternoon for me. Have you tried?
  6. GoldenDrops


    Hot fixes yes. Patch sometimes just needs to be updated on EB without an actual new version. They normally just ninja those updates right into EB without giving us the heads up, we just need to check to see when its ready on our own.
  7. GoldenDrops


    @ongalex23 This happens during every patch. Normally takes a day or so.. nothing new. The bot has to be manually updated to work with the current patch. This is done by a human.
  8. GoldenDrops


    Same here. I've been using the bot for years with rather large success. I mean its a bot, theres going to be times its not working perfectly. Come on GGG is always trying to stop bots so they patch things and so on. But to ask for a refund when it sounds like a user issue not a bot issue is rather interesting. -Gold
  9. GoldenDrops

    .83d will not download. Shows a virus

    Ok perfect. I was thinking it was safe also but ive had this bot for years and literally first time ever seeing that error. Thanks folks -Gold
  10. GoldenDrops

    .83d will not download. Shows a virus

    Anyone else getting this error when downloading .83d saying failed due to virus? Showing Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D8!ml is the problem. I've never had an issue with downloading any of the EB updates besides this one.
  11. Will not stop stashing all gems. Will not use stash tab 2 that is a basic tab, nothing special. Again I've had this bot for years and these last few updates seemed to have ruined a lot of the pickit and stashing. I've tried adding my own codes into [SellItem] for any quality under 10% and it will still stash all gems and fill up my stash tabs with useless shit. Any support would be great. Thanks -Gold
  12. Hey guys. I've had this bot and used it for years but I've been noticing the bot will not correctly use stash 2. Also the gems no matter if you code it or change in UI, will stash all gems and fills up stash constantly. Thanks -Gold
  13. GoldenDrops

    Stashing of Seeds (Harvest League)

    Thanks!! Exactly what I needed. I had it working for a while and used category and stash item but then it stopped and vendored them all.
  14. GoldenDrops

    Stashing of Seeds (Harvest League)

    Has anyone figured out the coding to stash seeds? I've tried almost everything I can think of and the bot will always vendor the seeds. Thanks -Gold
  15. GoldenDrops

    .exe file keep disapearing

    Yeah I've been using the bot for months and this is the first version to have this happen. What changed in .80e? And how do we get it to work now with the new update for 3.9? Thanks -Gold Now everytime I try to download .80e, it says it fails due to virus detection. We need some more info on this. And this is rather ridiculous, the OP had made this issue known 10 hours ago and not a word from anyone as to whats going on.
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