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    Hi - I'm not a new user, but it's hard to call me experienced :-) I play 2/3 MMOs of my life and I'm 30. I've been with PoE almost from the start and will probably be one of the last gamer and farmers. Health and common sense to all of you in these sick times
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    Same here so I just bump this topic I need it for poe currencyPoe currency in every issue is better than parents at a school meeting. Therefore, anyone who would like to know something about Path of Exile must hear what I want to say. Not one person may be shocked, but PoE currency is cheaper at every turn. That's why when everybody around is buying currency happily, he has a happy face, I will buy some clothes for cash. It won't be difficult at all, although GGG is vile, but he probably likes us the way we like to sell currency. Path of Exile currency, buy in case of emergency https://odealo.com/games/path-of-exile/currency
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