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  1. กรุณาพูดภาษาอังกฤษ
  2. Laber59

    how does it run

    If they cannot link your accounts because you use vpn in smart way and don't trade between those two there is almost no risk
  3. Laber59

    Bot not go atlas maps only act maps do

    Don't have syntax errors in your config files and you are golden
  4. Only latest is vaild and stable(almost :P) Previous have old offsets
  5. Best skills for bot are AOE So it just doesn't happens Try Blade Vortex or any AOE clearing spell really Like Rain Of Arrows or Toxic Rain Summoner builds are nice too (Golemancer!) RF ? If you are melee just set up max dist for 9 (that's around single sword range without any keystones) so your bot will run towards target. Min dist 0
  6. Laber59

    Bot only clicking single location

    You run poe.exe as admin right ? Make sure that you have all required redists up to date Extract newest release You can clear up your Documents folder and maybe even %appdata of anything poe related as well Try standalone version - not steam or vice versa or set up properly in bot Res correct ? You can post screen of entire log here You can figure It out like we all do...
  7. Laber59

    Bot not go atlas maps only act maps do

    Its 100% user config problem Let Me see your map tab in bot
  8. Laber59

    Happy to be back!

    No discord Go slack Or ask here
  9. Laber59

    Bot only clicking single location

    Add poe.exe in client tab and start bot without poe running Also read readme.txt and do every step
  10. Laber59

    trying to get started

    Quit botting man, it's clearly not for You But If you want to stay regardless, do Yourself a favor and don't bot on your main account...
  11. Laber59

    please include Raise Zombie

    In theory your bot will stuck if You do what you ask for Great news are raise zombie is supported skill gem Just set it up in combat like any other direct-combat spell, tick target corpses option and make sure that this hotkey is binded to "A" in your poe settings
  12. Laber59

    This Is a Project

    Sadly i am not any kind of dev - it's just boring shit out of my brain cells (or leftovers at least) No need to rush with next version tho, next weeks they will be patching like crazies in GGG so minus well we can wait longer Not a bad deal anyways comparing to stable release valid for day or two Thanks for Your contribution tho
  13. Laber59

    This Is a Project

    I meant POE2 bot GreyMane Let's say that I do have them The will be changed multiple times since its Alpha state now and we both know that I am just saying that maintaining 2016 software won't be enough in the near future There is market gap and someone will fulfill it either way I would rather see exilebot v 2.0 rather than some different platform That is it
  14. Laber59

    This Is a Project

    I don't care about progressing trough the acts at all That wasn't my point because It really need to be perfect since you can manually kill A10 Kitava on SC with less than 5 hours easily Name It
  15. Laber59

    This Is a Project

    Agree with You buddy But I need to add my few cents This project is not going forward like It used to be - unfortunately, just take look at older posts from "golden era" Nothing changed since years (not to mention few easy enough to implement mechanics, new spell id's and constant offset tweaks) And I don't thing that it's because lack of users frankly speaking It can be said without any negative emotions behind It that it is not a top priority in creator(s) life in my opinion But I am cool with that Bot suck ass judging by today capabilities, being completely honest but yet again - It's okay with me It still do the job, makes me exalt rich-ass every single hc league and big gratitude for that Zerg and Capone I thing that it's problem with modern society in this world when everything happens so fast New generations of gamers (and hackers and botters and scripters and cheaters) don't even know what "postponed gratification" is They pay fraction but product has to be perfect and has to be now otherwise they will complain When I joined this community I though that Zerg as admin is mean douche bag Now I thing He is saint after I saw how he deals with people stupidity for literally years I gave up after a month, I would be much meaner than him to be honest Keep doing your awesome work gentleman - I see future in bright colors This project will evolve because POE2 is right behind corner - there is no other choice Either We as community will do step forward or someone else will Right now I am preparing for this moment of league when initial bugs are fixed and we can enjoy game peacefully - without any updates for weeks Just play manually for know, kill that motherfuckin' Sirus in HCSSF, and ask "when bot, i not work good, help me right corner, priority state kekw" later on And keep your side accounts ready to get rich so you can elevate your builds for another level when the right time comes Once again THANK YOU and I wish Y'all well Cya
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