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  1. Laber59

    dosnt do tier 6+ maps

    FIrst Try to open client via bot (pressing start bot should open your poe) Use unmodified map.ipd and only change tier numbers Second Maybe You don't have chisels since you want map upgraded ? Or try above solution as well And guys do not temper with your map.ipd - the less you change the better
  2. Laber59

    dont use all map

    I cannot understand and single sentence of yours Sorry m8 Please use English next time
  3. Laber59

    Is bot working?

    What kind of question is that lol ? Bot is always working - sometimes after update you need to wait day or two but it is not a big deal for me. Worth is subjective term...
  4. Those are options in your pickit, if you are using smart one having all boxes non ticked in bot tab Diagnose it again...
  5. Auto leveling is the most insecure thing among them all, just saying https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/11463-freezing-pulse-inquisitor/?tab=comments#comment-55279 check this out
  6. Laber59

    Is the bot good for summoner builds?

    If thats in SC I would check out something like this - https://www.poe-vault.com/guides/kinetic-blast-power-siphon-pathfinder-build-guide If you can set it up properly ;) It's not that hard and a see potential with it If not - consider some classic solutions like triple herald ele blade vortex with items for magic quantity Or Tornado Shoot with Herald Of ice And Wind Ripper Bow Generally speaking your movement speed it's huge factor of your efficiency
  7. Laber59

    Is the bot good for summoner builds?

    Clayshapers are OP Dual-wield... Curses are nice source of deff aswell Enfeeble or Temporal Chains are OP Mind for hexproof map mod tho if You are relying on them Fortify (+ movement) skill is not bad neither or CWDT
  8. Laber59

    Is the bot good for summoner builds?

    Yeah, usually when my bot is dying its matter of build defences. You can run with zombies/skeletons/golems fine but specters rather when they cannot die there (if you are using specific ones). I think that's the one Isn't it ?
  9. Помогите себе, читая форум :)
  10. Never.... Bot won't start next loop if tasks are not finished (vendoring,stashing) Must be your set up
  11. Check forum guide and elite guides sections - everything is there
  12. Laber59

    Bot crashes without doing anything

    Try to reinstall poe/use standalone version from their website and delete poe folder from you documents and %appdata folders before installing again (alternatively use some sort of uninstalling software) After installation provide correct patch to your poe directory in bot Client tab and then start the bot before game and wait until It will be opened automaticly Also install vcredist package also in x86 format not only 64x just in case EDIT: Bot is working only in 800x600 resolution BTW so minus well You can try to start from this step
  13. Use VMware Workstation Player - its free and supports 3d graphic (Virtual Box doesn't) I found You cheap VPN on German Ebay https://www.ebay.de/itm/NordVPN-ACCOUNT-PREMIUM-3-YEARS-WITH-WARRANTY-6-DEVICES-INSTANT-DELIVERY/133372903971?hash=item1f0da50223:g:aP0AAOSwg6VefyVN Its a lot easier to set up VPN software like this than playing with the DNS You also need clean windows 10 ISO - few ways to obtain IT I am sure you will figure it out https://www.ebay.de/itm/Microsoft-Windows-10-Pro-Vollversion-AKTION-32-64-Bit-Product-Key-Lizenz/293515111317?epid=222403992&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4456dd2b95:g:ekYAAOSwQVJecQ9a&enc=AQAEAAACUBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qX1QmzZoEuUo0DtPjw4YrU3HpZ8C%2BlKD8IoHN6KxPPJsv15zHjPwKC8w8pguhgijMeOFpoZYE1wsUzTxrkgQOv6QmewuwrMH5CGmlS1AvI37J8T5GSSMzS2hQSvIa%2B%2BC4bBq%2FbjAkLaE0AhFba6UxgbMLPDo11B7PTM4kwfrhQ9urvUfsd5w4zDF2sufzcx7E8CUOfCrFip%2FBJ6NVjAfsbwhnycjhoIs94q3oFcsVISKWxT84TIQScffRhtUcO6JqpZUZFXweSBfUMU%2BXhplRqWixhuMWiA8UzTHjIolPWTOk%2B7WzwC2aYq1CaEnqRbqHnTVnA4HMHO%2FXoxz9Qg8DbjFS7HfTs7X1moIym0yWMRD62pZReIN%2FQ7vva8obj%2BOB9p0zkVEd1KPzp72la4VLb9PZT5JyhNal%2B7ZAUkF8omO5NaIxglh5XCH%2FsWneOaCue%2BsBDzIonDikVc5qYyzut1yA5fu3zp44YUCR15R%2BKnSHmR6ks9XjXV4vlb5bzU1%2B4glhXBU2y%2F869m1s6wphnoQeNQEAHKbKIslv1jY%2FyAg4lzITXFJN4G7dywHdc6rL3gUN0yBrsvsoJLu1fPn%2B4I6UKfsArngNRNcnbz7eaJzTxjtwpPG0jOYNV%2FQZTaXAuikkjZkOxvf7eoCldsHZkU8Gl9kpOVgW48u4cxJDYv60jALPpSeakgAagEMWxsoWikHlcTGhvGiRrLAYj3e5enPJYl2Ge8kqEOStv6oSR%2FkLpzMICys%2FhHfVh7PutYGh4%3D&checksum=293515111317f9847041483c416394b7c0c2b01646ba @UP this may help when the hope is lost If your machine is not so powerful you wont be able to bot with It without smoother, probably... You need resized textures and disabled graphics mods like no corpses/spell effects Good luck
  14. Laber59


    Yup it's all good Y'all having bad config I guess IDK what's wrong but so many ppl cannot configure It properly Just dig in it long enough, tweak, test, try different setups I am busy in PoB hahah ;D Implementing those shiny exes into my HC toon xD
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