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  1. tkshsv


    Still picks up everything for me
  2. tkshsv

    It's updated?

    this is what i did to get it to work, I deleted folder, re downloaded, reset up all the settings and it worked for me. on normal
  3. tkshsv

    It's updated?

    Its not working for me, haha, at least not on normal which i use.
  4. tkshsv

    It's updated?

    Not yet, it will probably be here from tomorrow to the beginning of next month(like probably no later than the 10th) just check back next weekend or every other day, its a small team and it's not easy to sift through the new data
  5. tkshsv

    Error after last update

    Guess I can't link to the forum post, just put this at the end. /community/topic/1196-i-want-my-update-now/
  6. tkshsv

    Error after last update

    I wouldnt say this site is dead, but it's a small team, i suggest you read this post its not easy to code, If i knew some compiling i'd help but I don't know shit, so I'll just wait until they release new version, and as of other bots on the market, I don't know of any, I've been with these guys for a few years, I never use my main account just incase, but also I have never been banned on any of the accounts i've used this on.
  7. tkshsv

    Error after last update

    No, it's stopped working for everyone
  8. tkshsv

    Future mechanics?

    Well, I'm happy they are keeping it alive
  9. tkshsv

    Future mechanics?

    I'd like to ask the dev's if they where thinking about adding other mechanics like delve/heist/expedition in the future
  10. tkshsv

    new update broke bot?

    can anyone else confirm that the new update broke your bot, I was mapping fine, and now after update, the bot just moves towards top right corner of anywhere its located
  11. tkshsv

    New Bulid Easy

    I thought the bot stopped working for everyone? you're telling me it works for you
  12. Strange my bot isnt working at all thought this was for everyone, because of patch. why is it working for you not me?
  13. tkshsv

    Bot isn't doing anything

    i tested it, steam version act 3 slums, its not doing anything but hitting enter moving a few feet and hitting enter. idk but the patch broke the bot somehow, hopefully we get an update. tbh ill probably just wait till 3.13 when the next patch comes out to come back here and check up to see if there is aworking bot
  14. tkshsv

    Bot isn't doing anything

    so is bot not working now. i'd rather not test it
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