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  1. tkshsv

    New Bulid Easy

    I thought the bot stopped working for everyone? you're telling me it works for you
  2. Strange my bot isnt working at all thought this was for everyone, because of patch. why is it working for you not me?
  3. interesting ill give it go and buy a copy in a week or so after they fix the current bot here
  4. tkshsv

    Bot isn't doing anything

    i tested it, steam version act 3 slums, its not doing anything but hitting enter moving a few feet and hitting enter. idk but the patch broke the bot somehow, hopefully we get an update. tbh ill probably just wait till 3.13 when the next patch comes out to come back here and check up to see if there is aworking bot
  5. tkshsv

    Bot isn't doing anything

    so is bot not working now. i'd rather not test it
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