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  1. Is There anyone who uses this bot in 3.7

    Yes i did every Yes i did every like it should but it doesn t even go int`o a map. Does it work only on Standard?
  2. I know i paid 7.5 for nothing because this bot can `t farm single map. I am curious if anyone else has this bot and actualy works.
  3. I paid for a month subscription but the bot doesn`t work. It just goest to act 10 farms 3 monsters and comes back and stops. I did the steps like it shows on youtube but it doesnt work.Thank you

  4. bot wont start.

    How do you make you bot to run?mine just goes to act 10 farms 3 monsters then comes back and do nothing!
  5. Farm Bot problem

    I just bouth a months subscription i downloaded the Bot Farming Program and i watched the tutorial but i doesnt work properly . It Doest do maps at all just goest to act10 and farms 3 monsters then portal back.. Can anyone help me with this?