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    Still live?

    It's currently stuck on run priority 37, and just trying to click the select character, even when I do it manually or am logged in already.
  2. Hi, is this bot still gworking? I had it running for a bit but was bugging out, and other than that it's just been unfunctional. I used to use this bot 2-3 years ago and it kicked ass, bit outdated now?
  3. Mittler


    Hey guys botting veteran here I've used bots for about 5 years now. Love them. Very great.
  4. How do I set?
  5. Hi master will you offer different payment options please

  6. Hi. Exiled Bot was quite a good way to spend hours days ago. Working on getting a new computer, lost my old account information and all ways to access it. I'm rolling here for some luck in recovering my key ?
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