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  1. Hi guys, I bought the bot for lifetime and now I started to bot act 1 but the bot is moving and stop, moving and stop all time and does not attack or do nothing... I used the bot sometimes befor and I had not thats problems... is working with the actual version?
  2. TheWizard

    Purchase bot licence or not?

    Thanks, I tried to use It on my non steam game v3.7.4 legion and It does not working.
  3. Hello guys, I'm thinking on purchase a bot licence, but I don't know if this bot is working and if It has updates continously... Reading the forums I see the last version on July 9 and that was 20 days ago...Now we are in 3.7.4 version and that version worked on 7.3.7c. Before purchase the bot licence I wanna know if worth it or not. Thanks.
  4. Hello and sorry guys, but what version of bot are u using? Last version I can see is Beta version v0.79f That version is for 3.7.3c and we are now in 3.7.4. May the problem are there are...
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