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  1. Bot update?

    Soon? after night patch not working.
  2. Drops

    Hi guy's. i am not kinda new here, can somebody share plz his list of items for smart pick up? I just noticed that bot selling some div cards and some epics...
  3. [Guide] Skill configuration

    Evening guy's, LF help in setting Winter orb... How to put Winter orb on any button to work normal as main skill?
  4. bot not working correctly

    same here, after patch bot not working.
  5. How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2018 Edition

    Hello all, need your help guy's. I set up all like in video, bot working, but he is doing location that i choosed "when no maps" and not going for maps.... i have many map's, how to push him to do maps? / Solved But got new problem, bot not picking up map's, how to change this?