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  1. Hey all! New to the forum, haven't donated yet. I'm just looking through the forum and trying to understand the risks/steps involved before i donate and get throw myself into this thing. At this moment I'm searching through the forum looking at guides - A lot of useful information, and some members that have taken the time to compile it into great guides for people like me. I'm starting to like this community before i even download the bot Currently I'm wrapping my head around what programs/strategies I can use to avoid detection. Continuing to surf the help guides (huge help, thanks again) and figure it out though. I'm sure the next hurtle will be the skill/gear/action set-up and details of the bot itself, no doubt it will be vastly different than D2Etal but hopefully i can use what i've learned there (for editing pickit as well) to speed up the learning curve. I think that is where the similarities will end though, because of GGG's efforts to stop bots. I've never used a VM or a VPN to mask my connection/MAC before. As well as the randomization/humanization of botting routines (It was pretty care-free with D2) so these are my only real concerns. Like I said, I'm still going through guides to make sure i start this out right (masking etc) but any recommendations for VM/VPN software would be appreciated as i'm not familiar with these types of software. (would prefer to talk about these in PM) Good luck wishes are always welcome And thanks again to all the people that have put work into this project - i hope i can make sense of it all.