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  1. Unfortunately, this does not carry much information. I'll forward this post to Alk. Maybe he has an idea as to what causes your problems.
  2. Please attach your "lastrun.log". Kind regards, B3L1AN
  3. B3L1AN

    How long will Exiled Bot update?

    You can now also find the updated version here on the forums: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10492-release-beta-version-v076h/&tab=comments#comment-50494
  4. B3L1AN

    How long will Exiled Bot update?

    Exiled-bot has been updated to work with latest Garena-TW patch. Please download it from Slack. Here's the invite link: https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/enQtNDE4NDQ5NDI2ODM1LWRjYWI2ZTI3NTgzMTYzODZlNTM0M2QyMjEyMDczMzgxMjY4NWU2YzkyMjk2ZWY3ODlmNTRlYTgyYWMxNTk0OGU You'll find the version as a pinned item in the general channel. Kind regards, B3L1AN
  5. B3L1AN

    New user - Trying to get it setup

    Hi there, as for your DirectX settings, please chose either DX9 or DX9Ex. You can set which maps to run in the "Map" section of the bot, where you can edit the configuration file to suit your needs. If you prefer a GUI to configure the map farming part, feel free to use the tool I coded: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10377-release-eb-map-config-generatoreditor/ As for PickIt settings, please see here: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/5139-updated-pickit/&page=1 There's also a video guide on how to set up the bot: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/1968-how-to-setup-the-exiled-bot-2018-edition/ Hope this will get you started Feel free to post back/create a new thread in case you encounter problems. Kind regards, B3L1AN
  6. B3L1AN

    Timeworn Reliquary Key

    Just add it to your PickIt configuration file. [Type] == "Timeworn Reliquary Key" # [StashItem] == "true" Kind regards, B3L1AN
  7. I've read about that on Slack a few days back. There is apparently a setting to turn that off. Did not personally find i, unfortunately. I'll come back to you as soon as I get that sorted out.
  8. B3L1AN

    bot not go map setting

    Have you turned off "enable progression"? If not, please do so.
  9. B3L1AN

    I can not save setting it

    Are you running the bot as administrator? With admin rights, the bot will have sufficient permission to write to files and thus save settings.
  10. B3L1AN

    please recommended How to Set skill totem

    I set the min range to 1 & the max range to 35. Worked for me, wasn't a build heavily relying on totems though.
  11. If the bot works fine with other maps, this will most likely be the case.
  12. B3L1AN

    [solved] downloading the bot

    You can find the current version of the bot here: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10464-release-beta-version-v076g/
  13. I cannot confirm this right now. I will check back with the devs and reply here as soon as possible. Kind regards, B3L1AN
  14. Running state 28 is "open chest". Although this seems unrelated, please give running the bot with opening chests disabled a try, as this seems to be the last action the bot is trying to make before the behavior you described occurs. Kind regards, B3L1AN
  15. B3L1AN

    Bot Is it safe?

    Violating a companie's ToS/ToU always puts you account at risk. General rule of thumb: never bot on accounts you don't want to lose.
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