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  1. B3L1AN

    Bot not attacking

    Please attach your lastrun.log as well as screenshots of your Combat setup.
  2. B3L1AN


    Just let @alkpone know about that idea.
  3. Offsets were just updated server-side. You're good to go
  4. B3L1AN


    I'll bring that up.
  5. B3L1AN

    Auto Clicker Scipts

    I have an AutoHotKey script ready for that.
  6. B3L1AN


    As of now, the best way to get up-to-date information is joining the Slack group. https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/forum/49-join-us-on-slack/
  7. B3L1AN

    82.d not work for me

    Thanks for your feedback
  8. B3L1AN


    When it's done Be patient, the guys are on it.
  9. B3L1AN

    there is a patch coming out

    Flask-only appears to work just fine. Haven't got around to testing movement. As some of you report it is not working, I assume an update is neccessary. Alk will be on it. For now, thank you for your patience & stay tuned
  10. B3L1AN

    Missing Aura - Spellslinger

    I forwarded your post. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.
  11. B3L1AN

    3.11 Issues

    I'll have a look at the offsets to see if there have been any changes in that regard. If that is the case, it should be fixable easily.
  12. Hi there, sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the bot. Please attach your lastrun.log to your post. Also, if possible, please try keeping this part of the forum in English so that others can benefit from the solutions found. Kind regards, B3L1AN
  13. B3L1AN

    хайд процесс

    Я был серьезен. Я просто не имею ничего общего с продажами. Человек, с которым вы можете поговорить, будет: @alkpone. Он, однако, занятой человек. Поэтому использование услуг посредника кажется самым простым вариантом для людей без учетной записи PayPal.
  14. 注释掉它们或将它们从PickIt中删除。 或使用“#[StashItem] ==“ true””选项。
  15. B3L1AN


    He was just trolling One does not simply bypass anti-cheat.
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