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  1. Bot Idling Too much?

    It's all your settings/configuration problem, check bot log and do some research.
  2. Just in case, do you understand that there is no difference for the bot if map listed under //Tier1 or under //Tier10 if it is still in pickit?
  3. eBOTchecker v.0.2a [test release]

    I would buy mule bot which could work without any imagesearches for 100$ no doubt, but now it's just a relogger. Good luck with your development anyway.
  4. More flask use options

    I wish to add that bot can't correctly read a duration of Quicksilver flask if you have modificators for it. For example if your QS duration is 9 secs he will use it every 6 secs. But i'm pretty sure it would be never fixed since noone actually cares about fixing bugs.