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  1. [solved] is it fixed and safe to use now

    is this shit fixed and safe to use now. i donated and got banned a month later after that could not get it to run for 2 hours on a paid vpn. iv been trying alot of things but its ban after ban and there anti cheat system detects dx9 who the hell plays with dx9 thats not cheating? im sorry if im coming across rude but i paid to use this and got a month out of it and lost 7 accounts. thank you have a good day
  2. ban quetions

    Ok so I never traded with the bot I was just seeing also at the time of the ban I was running the latest version of the bit 75d so I'm not sure if they do have some kind of detection now it was most likely the free VPN is what got that account bann after 6 hours I'm guessing lol it had no connection with my main account cus I was unsure so when I do get the paid VPN then when I go to trade with the bot would it be smarter to drop the items and have an account that dose not use a bot at all pick them up and then drop them from that one to my main
  3. ban quetions

    hello so to start off i tryed to run vpn and the game will not connect to sever with it. next if i am using the same ip for to accounts and only botting on one will both be banned? also will i get ban for trading with a bot? i dont want to lose my main account i have worked very hard on it but i want to use an account to bot for items for my main account