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  1. Kembo

    What to do now?

    Hello guys. I will take responsibility to make another topic about this banwawe situation. The most important question for me now is can i continue botting at another accounts or i should stop it before bot update or somethink else? i was lucky, i lost only 1 account (with gear close to 100 ex), but idk what to do now. Give me a tip maybe...
  2. Kembo

    Need help

    Bot just cant farm Acts, i set up farm for maps and its work now
  3. Kembo

    Need help

    Problem solved
  4. Kembo

    Need help

    Я сейчас сижу в шоке, 4 дня проверял работу на картах и 0 реакции, сейчас внезапно заработало. Просто как так... Спасибо
  5. Kembo

    Need help

    Hello guys. I have a problem with my bot, he just does not work after the patch. Im using v0.74g version and this version worked on 3.2.3 poe version, but on 3.2.4 it doesn't work. I already reinstall PoE normal and steam version and set up bot. Now is 5 day when I cant use bot. I hope someone will answer what I'm doing wrong. Here is video -
  6. Kembo

    Is your bot running? Or not updated yet?

    I paid a month for this bot and i cant botting 4 days, because bot is not updating. idk what to say, i was ready to pay for lifetime version, but now thinking that will be not good idea. P.S. before patch all works good.
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