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  1. poopy1710

    bot stopped working after yesterday.

    Bot stopped after the 5gb patch yesterday. I assume there would be a new release for bot?
  2. poopy1710

    Bot stuck taking out map

    I identify my maps, now the problem seem to gone away.
  3. poopy1710

    Bot stuck taking out map

    Bot doing a loop. It takes out a map from stash and then puts it back in, takes one out again, puts it back again and over and over. Help please.
  4. poopy1710

    Good build for botting?

    Wondering what are some good builds for botting.
  5. poopy1710

    Bot switching stash tabs loop

    Have the same problem
  6. poopy1710

    New patch bot down?

    3.2.2b just went live. But isnt working for me anymore.
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