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  1. In order of greatest impact to botters: 1) Bot runs into sacred grove and runs around confused. Bot also runs into corrupted vaal side area and glitches. 1) After walking around and mapping for awhile, bot sometimes goes back and forth in a certain area with a same exact pattern. 2) Bot sometimes force exit to log in screen even though i have enough portals and set to use hideout and also enable town portal. I am at mapping stage. 3) Bot does not complete some maps even though exploration was set to 100%. 4) Some easy maps are unable to be done by bot like vault, wasteland, desert, haunted mansion to name a few, there are many more. SUGGESTION: Give me a budget and let me set up a team to maintain this bot as well as to fix these bugs.
  2. Jakerfuture

    Set Cassia def

    Anyway for us to program it to stop running maps if it encounters Cassia and play a notification or send a pushbutton notification?
  3. Jakerfuture

    To all those who got banned

    What does Alk mean when he says compensation? "So, as you guys noticed during the last three days, a lot of accounts using the bot were banned. We are currently investigating hard to find out what triggers these bans and will release a safer version of the bot as soon as we have finished our tests. Meanwhile, we had to close the shop and disable the auth system for version 0.75c mainly to protect unaware users. Of course, compensation will be provided once a reliable solution has been implemented. Stay tuned."
  4. Jakerfuture

    New patch, does the bot work?

    Just found out today it has starting to work on steam client. Rmb to restart your bot and POE. Also there may be issues with map tiers above 6. Run only tiers below 7.
  5. Jakerfuture

    I want my update now!

    How is this 2 suggestion going? Fingers crossed but I really hope this happens. Because every minor update seems to break everything when it's suppose to be a minor issue of hashing.
  6. Jakerfuture

    Discord link broken

    Discord is down. Some rumours of setting up irc or Telegram or something else.
  7. Jakerfuture

    Bot Still Working?

    I didn't have this issue for 3.2.2 However I can't say if everyone has the same setup as me. FYI bot not working for 3.2.3
  8. Jakerfuture

    New patch bot down?

    Yes. Was OK for 3.2.2 3.2.3 is not working
  9. Jakerfuture

    New patch, does the bot work?

    There was an update, 3.2.3 by path of exile. It doesnt work for me now. Usually about 2 days
  10. Jakerfuture

    Stopped working

    1) pathing issues are very common, 1 in 3 maps from act 1 and act 2. 2) character sometimes goes idle and seems to not know what to do. 3) bot doesnt pick up nets and doesnt see it as currency. 4) quest progression is still in beta but with new nets and stuff, should have an option to keep a certain amount of nets in inventory rather than stashing them all the time.
  11. Jakerfuture

    Stopped working

    3.2 now and the bot is still not working, there is probably a bunch of major changes and many new programmers willing to take up responsibilities but the main developer behind this is not so keen on this project anymore and yet doesn't want help. I dont see any post requesting for help or opening job positions for programmers.
  12. Jakerfuture

    bot just idling

    Many people have the same issue. Mine too. Seems like you should post together a combined thread with everyone facing the same issue.
  13. Jakerfuture

    Bot dont work for me

    I have lots of problems with the bot too. I feel that we have donated and supported the developers but they arent free enough and not willing to pay others to do it or allow it to be open source so more people can improve upon it.
  14. Happens to mine too. Sometimes he sees a stair and he tries to get to it but he just runs back and forth... may be pathing issues.
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