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  1. Hello, Please update timeless currency item Timeless Karui Splinter Timeless Maraketh Splinter Timeless Eternal Empire Splinter Timeless Templar Splinter Timeless Vaal Splinter Thanks
  2. bot not avalible after garena update today (2018/5/17)

    重新用了預設值後可以正常運行了 Problem solved after using all default setting to run the bot.
  3. bot not avalible after garena update today (2018/5/17)

    是用哪一個版本的外掛 我這邊更新完之後人物只會往一個方向走
  4. bot not avalible after garena update today (2018/5/17)

    any reply?
  5. Hi, POE of Garena update today. The bot not able to run. Please update it. Thank you very much! By the way, the bot version is "Exiled Bot Beta v0.74g" lastrun.log
  6. map activate failed 地圖開啟失敗

    Hello, The garena server often encounter heavy loding. Then the map will frequently activate failed. But the bot did not know, so it always retry to get into portal (stand there and do nothing). Is there any setting to do somthing for this situation? Thanks! Chinese Translation: 台服(garena)經常性因伺服器負載較大而出現地圖開啟失敗的狀況 外掛在開啟地圖失敗後只會一直嘗試進入傳送點(嘗試超過30分鐘且沒任何動作) 是否有任何設定方式能解決這個問題?