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  1. smuhT

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    Did you set it to the use the profile The Twilight Strand or w/e its called. Its under maps.
  2. Hello all I bought the bot today, and have little knowledge of how it works yet. I have, for the last 5-6 hours, tried to figure out how the Auto Profile Changer works. But nothing seems to work for me.. Let's start, with what i want to achieve: I want a loop of profiles that each runs one char. on the starting area to farm the Oni-Goroshi. When profile1 have cleared the strand it logs out. Bot changes to profile2. Profile2 logs in and clear the area, logs out. Bot changes to profile3. etc. What have i tried: Making a setup with the settings from the pictures. With "client(picture)": The game starts with profile1. Logs in . Pick 1st. char. Clears strand. Exits to login screen. Logs in. Picks 1st char.. realize strand is cleared. logs out and repeat that. Bot does not idle or change profile With "client2(picture)": Same as above, bot does not idle or change profile I then tried to press pause and stop bot, then it switched to profile2 for some reason. Can someone please enlighten me please
  3. smuhT

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    I have never used this bot before. And never really played POE... But i found a build that depends on this weapon aswell.. So i might have to sit down tonight, and have a look at this, cause i need it aswell. Should not be a problem to make a simple cycle between 4 char that clears the strand without entering the town.
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