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  1. thx ill give it a try
  2. Hello everyone, now that my bot works i want to have a script that restarts bot and path of exile every two hours.can someone pls tell me how this is done ? i know i need AHK but what do i need to to? ive seen a script here but how do i get this to work? Loop { Process, Close, PathOfExile.exe ; close existing instances Process, Close, ExiledBot.exe sleep, 1000 * 5 run C:\*\PathOfExile.exe ; re-open sleep, 1000 * 50 ; delay for poe to load run C:\*\ExiledBot.exe WinWait, Exiled Bot (Elite) WinActivate, Exiled Bot (Elite) ; Make sure were on exiled bot screen sleep, 500 ; small delay Send {TAB 3} ; Tabbing to start button Send {Enter} WinMinimize, Exiled Bot (Elite) sleep, 3600000 * 2 ; Sleep until next restart (hours) }
  3. haudegen

    map settings

    maybe thats a problem that occurs because of the patch m8,so you need to w8 for an update of the bot...but ur right feels like they wouldnt care ^^
  4. haudegen

    Path of exile wont launch

    yeah solved it myself,its seems that virtualbox was the problem(switched to vmWARE).and yes i know its not a bot problem but its a problem that can appear when u trying to set up the bot the right.anyway thread can be closed.
  5. haudegen

    Path of exile wont launch

    Hello everyone, i bought i license of the bot,setup virtualbox with windows 7 lite. i installed vcredist and direct x stuff.i copied the files from my main system to the vbsystem. steam checks existing files,no problems till that but when i start the game i get a black screen with like 10 error messages.anyone of you guys knows what to do?
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