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  1. Bugsy

    acts 1-4

    Don't level with bot. You WILL get banned.
  2. Bugsy

    I'm worried about the maps full of stash

    Me running red maps like "what is he talking about?"
  3. Bugsy

    Hello :)

    Welcome. Although I will say if you are from the buddy days. You gotta be a bit more careful, no more 24/7 botting. Try to make all your accounts seem like no-life gamers as much as you can. That being said if you are careful about how you behave and how you move your currency... Still safe
  4. Bugsy


    Alk usually says something in slack server...
  5. Bugsy

    AHK based Client restarter

    Super secret technique: Use windows task manager to run a .bat file that kills poe every couple hours. taskkill /im PathOfExile_x64.exe Set it and forget it!
  6. Bugsy


    For anyone wondering. When he gets to his computer, path of exile will be on the "patch download" window.. At this point he will know that he needs to update offsets... Then 50 people message him "Hey bro, bots down! Wtf! Whats up?" as if this doesn't happen every 2 weeks... Then 20 people make posts "bots down bro! wtf!"... all while he is updating the offsets as fast as he can. I don't know what else we could do short of setting like red flashing lights and a loud nuke alarm with a robot voice in his bedroom so if it patches while he sleeps we can make it go off... "BEEE BEEE BEE BOT IS DOWN BEEEP BEEP BEEP BOT IS DOWN"
  7. Bugsy

    Can't get Bot to work

    What version are you using?
  8. Bugsy

    How to RMT?

    Always trade random rare item for currency is a good tip. Never just have a trade window be like 100ex vs nothing not sure if thats superstition but seems like an easy flag. I also had a friend who would just unload his currency from 5 bots onto one account to trade it and eventually they caught on with that so they do watch. Just not very closely.
  9. So currently I have a situation similar to the board game "Mouse Trap" in order to keep my bots running. If there was an option to automatically start in "Normal (Higher Detection Risk)" mode and another to automaticly start bot upon loading... Life would be easier for alot of botters <3 Ty.
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