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    Question about the bot

    Hey I redownloaded the bot and now it works fine ! Just need to reconfigure everything but i'm happy that it's working ! I forgot to check the log file to understand what I did wrong ! It's because the bot couldn't find the path of exile window but now it's all good with a fresh one
  2. UchihaS

    Question about the bot

    Hi , i just bought the bot and I wanted to know what did I miss , because the bot isn't working when i press the start bot button . I've configured everything like in the youtube video guide said , put the path to the game exe and I've put my settings in windowed 800*600 with Directx9 . I also ran the bot in admin , but it seems like it doesn't change a thing ... I'm on windows 10. I also have all the requirements installed like DirectX End-User Runtime and Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. The second question would be what build should I run ? I wanted to run a glacial cascade build with detonating totem but I'm not sure about how to set it up and if it's not possible , what build would you recommend to farm currency? Thanks in advance for the help ! The bot looks amazing and I can't wait to put it to use !
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