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  1. Finallf

    It's updated?

    What is your client? Normal, Steam, Garena or china ? Because I can AFFIRM you CATEGORICALLY, the Normal Client is not working.
  2. This problem is usually related to two things: The first is the lack of the following packages: You need to install DirectX End-User Runtime. You can download it here: DirectX End-User Runtime You need to install Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x64). You can download it here: Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x64) Second, If you are using the application directly over the network and not locally, or on a disk that has been mapped from the network. If the second option is not your case, try installing, or even reinstalling the 2 packages identified above.
  3. Finallf

    It's updated?

    It's working ? Here it's just moving to the right and nothing else.
  4. Finallf

    Error after last update

    Well, let's go... I understand exactly how it works, and I've even been part of a team years ago for another game and another bot, by the way much more complex, but we had a lot of devs on top of that work too. I participated and I still have access to the dev area of the old OpenKore, for those who don't know it's an autonomous bot from Ragnarok, Autonomo because not even the official client was needed, so I have a little knowledge of how this is done... Having said all this above, I propose to update the Exiled-Bot, with this pandamia I have some free time and I can dedicate myself to that. I'm not asking to join the team, and I don't want to, I'm just proposing to help the community, as I know the work it takes, in some ATT it can take more than 48 hours of continuous work. The usual tools like x64dbg, Ollydbg, IDA and Packet analyzer(sniffer) I know how to use, so I wouldn't have problems with that. I would just need to hear it clear, the thread of the skein, a list of the addresses we need, it could be the old ones, no problem, just to situate myself with what has already been done and what I need to look for. And of course, if you hear any tools ready to convert the data to what will be used in Exiled-Bot. In case any of the dev want this help, I'm up for it. Thank you and I hope to help
  5. Finallf

    Error after last update

    Are you using any other bot services? Because from what I've seen in recent years this forum is very still and almost dead. Well, the devs could release a 2.0 version with new features, charging the due amount to use and such, to see if this is moved again. Or even charge a fee for the att, I don't know, several ideas come up
  6. Finallf

    Error after last update

    After the last update, it stopped working or is my config wrong here?
  7. Finallf

    new update broke bot?

    same here
  8. Finallf

    content league Expidition

    And is there any bot that can?
  9. Finallf

    Summoner skill setup

    Sorry to resurrect the topic after 4 years... But I still can't configure it for use with Raise zombie. I swear I tried several ways, but nothing satisfactorily. There is already the minions option and quantity, and along with the target corpses and how Raise Zombie option is a minion, adding this check in Minion Type would be possible? The only difference to other minions is that you should check the condition of using the skill on Corpses.
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