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  1. Bad update

    I think alk is working on dx11 version rn... Try go Slack and search for beta version.
  2. 2 problems

    Till it get fixed, I would say allow essence in GUI and then in config.ini change monster timeout for low value, depending on your dmg. (It shouldnt affect bosses.) To avoid syndicates, you need to play them manually till they spawn in "basement"... When it spawn like that, do not enter, EVER. This will make each map to spawn only basement and you will be safe.
  3. Wont work

    Be sure you downloaded the LATEST bot version, otherwise it WONT work. Be sure you have all required software. Be sure to start bot as administrator. Be sure to attach the bot into 32 bit process, which also runs as administrator.
  4. Dont sell items to vendor...

    Never. Did you change any NPC settings (it is not recommended).? If yes, download clean version and try to set it over. If not, be sure to reset game settings into default and if it still wont work, try to move vendor a bit somewhere else.
  5. not picking up orbs

    Did you ENABLE pickit in bot itself? Are you using one of the original ones? Be sure that notepad (or whatever text editor) are you using, bot itself, and 32 bit process is set automatically to be run as administrator.
  6. Auto follow

    I understand you, but I don't believe that Bot' AI would allow you to clear map in under a minute. Even if you would play on your main and have aurabot with you, it has several disadvantages... From my years of bot experience, I can assure you that there are more important things to develop than this one :/. I am not even sure if I ever heard about anything like that... Anyway, on the other hand, it would be "fun" to level 5 characters at once by just setting 4 other bots to follow you. That would be revolution lol... You can try to ask some of the devs, but like I said...
  7. Activate key

    (Just in case someone else would be wondering) You can find it here in MANAGE PURCHASES https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/clients/purchases/
  8. Question?

    Open the forum and find Releases, there you can download the latest version... To activate it, you need to have a key from Manage purchases https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/clients/purchases/
  9. Hello!

    All of my test and even ultrashit builds made it at least to level 90... so I wouldn't be worry about "top stuff"... All you need to do is to "play" a bit with combat settings... and for that (imo) you need some basic game understanding. You need to set each skill separately. Maybe if you search through the forum there might be video.
  10. Bot DOES NOT support quad tabs, you are welcome problem solved. If you want to use quad tabs, then maybe only like for stashing uniques, nothing more.
  11. I do not think it is implemented... I can't get into the game right now, but try test to set it as generosity aura if it works.
  12. not picking up orbs

    1) You set to ignore them in your bot. 2) You completely messed up your pickit file... Fix? Get fresh pickit.
  13. Auto follow

    It is not possible. And I am 100% sure that it would be somewhere far faaar on the list. ETA: 95 years. My answer from discord: Why it is not a good idea - 1) Monsters and shit get harder - slower clear 2) 1 extra player on map DO NOT increase the quantity+quality by 100% which means => Not only it would slow down farming a lot. It would also reduce currency farmed over time. Also, extra problems if your char would die and portal issues. If you are looking for to level up your aurabot character, just press X and give him any 6link weapon and clear with that char.
  14. Bot problem

    Haha... Sorry I had tons of responsibilities... I will be here all day today so in case you still have any problem let me know and I can check it. <3
  15. I think it may be possible, but you should directly contact Alk or some of closest EB supports.