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  1. maninoo

    How to edit graphics

  2. maninoo

    Lower graphics

    thank you!
  3. maninoo

    Lower graphics

    after poe changed to directx 11, is there any way to lower the graphics? I've tried to leave it this way, but when I enter the game it removes these changes texture_quality changes back to 3 shadow to hardware_3_samples etc.. i tried to put directx = 9Ex, but nothing happened
  4. maninoo

    Enter the corrupt area

    how did you get the graphics like that? Can you show your production_config please?
  5. maninoo


    CHECK THIS VIDEO> https://youtu.be/WHEJXh5pQe8 i now how to use, I used it for several months, but now it just does not open
  6. maninoo


    The bot does not open, no matter what I do. no matter the version, it does not open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHP68Lnd1jI
  7. maninoo

    MVWare ERROR

    same problem
  8. maninoo

    Bot does not work

    the problem is not the bot does not work because of the update, the problem is the bot does not open, I have this problem 3 weeks ago, I have several versions of the bot, they work normally, but I can not change anything in them, because the changes are not saved, and if I download a new version or an old version that I have never opened, it will not open
  9. maninoo

    Bot does not work

    You guys do not understand, it's not that the bot does not work, it just does not open
  10. maninoo

    Bot does not work

    after many months using the bot, it recently stopped working, I just can not open it, but when I try to use an old version it works, but I can not change anything, because the changes are not saved https://youtu.be/woCr30kGorw
  11. maninoo

    improved stuck detection - dying~!

    you need to use skills which are not interrupted by obstacles like tornado shot, lightning ball, volatile dead skills like spark and cyclone are not good for botting
  12. the bot will sell the items? or it just stores the items and how many tabs is recommended for chaos recipe? I can dedicate more than two, but I do not know if it makes a difference.
  13. i need help with my bot configuration I know how to use it but I would like someone with more experience to help me, I'm playing with tornado shot, and I'm dying a lot to monsters of the abyss, I would like tips for the bot to keep distance when attacking, i'm using kite mode but may be misconfigured i`m playing with 3 auras, grace, hatred and herald of ice, 5,5k hp 60% all ress (less chaos) tornado shot in mouse_right (maybe min-max distance are wrong?)
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