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  1. neilldor

    Zombiemancer setup

    This is not my setup btw, but try it
  2. well, this is not how it works here it seems. Mostly everybody is kept in the dark, and we have come to accept it like this.
  3. not easy for any of us. Alk needs to update the bot to be compatible with 3.10. Keep an eye on Releases post
  4. keep an eye on the release post, as last update there was jan7, so there will be an update there when new release is made public
  5. neilldor


    Only mine does, bwah hahaha
  6. neilldor

    Albion Online bot

    sure, but then join an albion online forum. i'm sure they dont talk much about eb there
  7. neilldor

    Donate with coin

    maybe bitcoin was removed as a payment method
  8. check under "managed purchases" what they key says if not, contact Alk
  9. no particular map will give more exalts. just runs upgraded maps (rare with sextants on watchstones, currupted maps etc)
  10. neilldor

    Bot isn't doing anything

    Mine works 99%
  11. neilldor

    Skill execution stutter loop

    Mine is kinda kldoing the same, on a build/profile that worked before patch, so i take it something is different after patch.
  12. neilldor

    Albion Online bot

    You dont walk into pepsi's hq and ask for directions to coca-cola
  13. neilldor

    How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2018 Edition

    There is no free key. In 2020 nothing is free. Buy a license and elite shall be unlocked to your heart's desires
  14. neilldor

    Bot isn't doing anything

    what is your setting in this picture?
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