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  1. Rarity: Magic Onyx Amulet of Amassment -------- Requirements: Level: 61 -------- Item Level: 100 -------- +20 to all Attributes -------- 20% increased Quantity of Items found -------- 20$ PayPal BotIcat#7827
  2. Looking for currency farmers

    You Ds no work BotIcat#7827
  3. Authentication Key Isn't Valid

  4. is it safer to bot now

    To much wrong clicks, bad configurations, can be a easy way to flag you acc to keep safe try a good config and dont "play" to much time, also you have to do someshit manually.
  5. BOT on VMware

    That issue is releated with graphic card on the vmware, i have this issue with my old PC and i fix but i dont know how work on vmware gl
  6. Thinking of buying - have a few questions

    Question 1.) Botting no is safe if you have wrong settings the char can do weird shit or stay bugged, never user on main account Question 2.) Yes, the bot work only on specific resolution and directx version Question 3.) You can configure what do the bot, what pick up, upgrades and other settings Question 4.) Alkpone take 1-2 days to update Question 5.) No, the bot explore the maps/instances Question 6.) The Bot have AutoFlask this is the "Manual" mode. Keep Safe exile
  7. [solved] Detected?

    until i buy my permanent bot i dont get banned, i get banned on other acc when i use 1 month time and i get unbanned the acc if you profile on the bot looks like human you are "Human" if you profile dont have the times well and you bot clicks to much or do weird shit you going to get banned, play some "1 click builds" and all are fine or setup autobomber/heralds + some way to trigger the dmg that can be good to prevent you acc get banned, im playing Necro and all good. keep sane exile bot.
  8. mayb because the game have one update?
  9. [solved] Detected?

    My Charc already get lv 87 i start botting the day 1, today still no banned
  10. Bot issue?

    some of you bot are wrong setup check skills some times get bugged with that
  11. graphic card issues try fix that
  12. Path of exile Exception error

    That is a gpu error can be: gpu rip drivers rip or just a error try shutdown and start again some times i get this error too when my computer take to many ºc gl
  13. Shop

    standard, only chaos and ex
  14. Shop

    Currency: 1 ex 0,75€ other currency ask Items: Head Hunter On Stardard Accounts: 1 Ranger lv 80 6month old Bot Setup 1€ x Config (Ready to Go) Discord: BotIcat#7827
  15. WTB Poe account 6+ months old

    i have one still needing?