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  1. Fredoh74

    How-To Exiledbot [2021]

    Waiting for the PRO config for FB Good job
  2. So, starting in A9, BOT goes to BA on town side, at the end TP to act8 and can't go back to BA.
  3. Fredoh74

    How can we solve CreateShaderResourceViewEx in vmware

    I have both and still get the error. Trying to install a new VM
  4. Hello, Unable to start POE with this error. Any solution ?
  5. Est-ce que tout le monde utilise un build melee, si oui lequel ?
  6. Fredoh74

    Is it bot working today?

    @barisbdem : Are you on VMWARE with windows 10 ? Which build are you botting with ?
  7. Fredoh74

    Is it bot working today?

    same issue, bot is moving very slow and dont attack anything. do someone have a working one ?
  8. Fredoh74

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    I made 3 characters. I configure switch time to 1 minute. profile1 --> profile2 profile2 --> profile3 Profile3 --> profile1 I check relog ... After killing Hillock, bot enter in town !!! What am i doing wrong ?
  9. Fredoh74

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    How can you make your char logout instead of going to town ???
  10. Fredoh74

    Farming Oni-Goroshi With Bot ?

    Hi, Is it possible to farm Oni-Goroshi ? Regards
  11. Fredoh74

    Level the entire story with bot

    Hi, Is it possible to level the entire story with this bot from act1 to Act10 ??
  12. Bonjour, Je suis nouveau et je cherche comment configurer Flame totem sur la touche Q ? Clarity sur le T Summon Zobies sur le E Firestorm sur le Y Je test mon premier build : PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build Merci d'avance pour votre aide
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