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  1. luilein

    Patch Day

    stating the obvious xD
  2. luilein

    Simple way to farm Oni

    yeah true of course
  3. luilein

    Map Device Issue

    just use the old standard map device ....
  4. So I was wondering if it would be possible to get the bot to farm Oni-Goroshi as it is now. After setting everything up and running him threw the map a few times I found that just one function is missing to make it work... and it shouldn't be too hard to add: All that is needed is for the bot to switch profiles on "timeout". I did try it with the options to switch profile which are available right now but that's not working. Timeout however works ... so if it wouldn't be too much time and add it to be set to "true" in the txt that would be great
  5. luilein

    Stuckled on a abyss

    same problem -.- both is turned off but it still starts it all the time
  6. luilein

    Pickup Sulfite

    Plzzz add this function! Would be sooo amazing!!! Thank you!!! ❤️ (Everyone plz hype this post!!!)
  7. luilein

    bot is broken

    guys its more complicated to update just be patient
  8. luilein

    Client side Anti-Cheat

    Hey just returned from a longer break (3.5 was the last time I played) and was wondering about the the additional information in new releases of the bot stating about Client side Anti-Cheat. Never had any problems with the bot, never got banned. Did they add a new Anti-Cheat protection? Is botting more risky than before? Or is everything the same as always? Thanks ! Best ! L.
  9. luilein

    Bot is not working for me

    did you select direct x9 or ex9?
  10. luilein

    Pickup Sulfite

    Plz add the option to pick up sulfite deposits! Thanks! ;D
  11. well I fear you will have to find out for yourself ,)
  12. luilein

    Abyss features

    Hey I would like to officially request Elder & Shaper Item detection, ass well as Abyss Rift detection. Would be great if we could get that
  13. luilein

    Dear administration

    follow all the latest developments in discord!
  14. luilein

    Bot not selling items

    does the bot try to sell items but can not select them? I have that problem sometimes after switching out of VM would be great to get the bot to detect that .... simple press of "SHIFT" solves it
  15. As the title says I would like to request a feature that alerts you when the bot encounters a master while exploring a map. I know that you are all quite busy with the upcoming oriath release/beta but I just wanted to deposit my thought. Would be great if you could someday implement a feature that let's you specify which master yoou want to be alerted for and what sound you would like it to play in case of this event. That way it would be way easier leveling specific masters or masters at all... Otherwhise you have to stick in front of the bot clearing maps for days -.- Something like: alert_if_zana_found=true
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