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  1. hello can someone help with bot?

    after many test it farming but he some time indv items some times no, many different reson for crash, and he stay, no move and attack srs. he cant make one complet drerd lake ;/
  2. Hello 3 days before i bought 30 days, but i dont know this bot, he go dried lake and stop after 1min. i try 3 days some things but all no working, bot stop for no reson or miss click for npc when want sell items, block on stash, want put map on currenct stack nr 1, when maps was 2. I want for bot farm dried lake with use flesh offering vaal haste selling loot etc, i dont know what i make wrong but i can't i use many bots but this is blocking for no reson ;/ plz help i have left mouse > moving >on middle mouse click> flesh offering right mouse> SRS Q>zombie W>vaal gaste E> light warp R>light golem T>hatred flask 1 life 2 iir 3 3k armor 4 speed 5 speed i want farm dried lake and sell lot on npc, stash> 1 currenct[ from shop page] 2>maps 3>loot 4>loot 5>looot plz help me, TY :}