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  1. Pannocy

    MVWare ERROR

    I came across such a problem and I do not know how to deal with him. Any advice?
  2. Pannocy

    Currency trade bot ??

    Hello. I'm looking for a bot to sell currency on afk. I know someone who works ??
  3. Pannocy

    VM error need help

    I've installed DirectX 9 and 10 and the error still occurs. I'm attaching my system settings, if it's any help. I have no idea how to check if my version of DirectX isn't corrupt, but I thought that reinstalling it would fix the problem. Unfortunately it didn't.
  4. Pannocy

    VM error need help

    Hey. I have a problem when I start a bot with a Virtual Machine pops up error. I installed all the drivers and nothing helps. I have 8gb ram on the VM. I tested 4x VM, virtualbox, microsoft azure etc and always have the same error.
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