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  1. Question

    If anyone can help me I'm having trouble starting the bot, already setting the necessary parameters, so that it works as usual, because I use a 2 years, I'm in order to be preventing the run, when I click start bot the program closes with a screen of the game PoE, having any suggestions and want to share, I am grateful
  2. There is the option called Maintain pressed key / mouse, I tried to activate it, but it did not work, the bot refuses to keep the cyclone active, repeats the movement in a very short space of time, you can not kill the enemies, you end up dying in combat
  3. Even if I configure the bot with cooldown in the main skill of cyclone, it does not obey the rotation time of the skill, the bot is giving several quick and constant clicks instead of completing the correct rotation of the skill, I believe it is some bot-exile error