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  1. Agree, would be nice to see guide
  2. Epicgame

    Rmt/mule/dead drop/delete

    Only GGG know that
  3. Epicgame

    Could'nt EB use for free before LV45?

    Thats sad to hear trial no longer active
  4. Thank you, will try that beauty now
  5. Epicgame

    Hey all, few question

    Anyone can help?
  6. Epicgame

    Hey all, few question

    Well, any tips welcome and looking to make friends there
  7. Epicgame

    Hey All!

    Welcome, im also new there and trying to understand rules and stuff there, lets be friend
  8. Is it bannable and detectable? I hear poe has anticheat detect, is it detect that trade spam? Safe?
  9. Epicgame

    Hey all, few question

    Hello everyone, im new member and don't know much, for example - why i can't create threads and make post at some sections (like trading) and where i can read forum rules, and any other info that may help me to be part of the exiledbot community! Thanks all and have a great day!
  10. Epicgame

    How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2018 Edition

    By the way why i cant make post and start new threads in trade section? How fix it?
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